What is privatization of education India?

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Introduction –

In modern capitalist democracy, education has two important objectives, democracy should create ideal citizens who follow the law and on the strength of which the economy of the country runs, such industries get good employees. In these two objectives, if not a single objective does not achieve education system, then it is necessary to change the education system for the country. In today’s era of information and technology, it is believed that the country which will not become self -sufficient on technology will become a slave of other countries.

The education system established on the main basis of education system and amendment based on logic can be considered a proof of the good of the education system. In fact, if you see, the country which has the most achievement in the world in intellectual property can be considered as the top in education. It consists of intellectual assets such as patents, copyright and trademarks. Every year in terms of registration of patents, America is considered to be the top country of the world. This means that the model of the private education institution of America can be considered ideal?

America is a developed country and India is a developing country which is at the lower level in the list of developing countries. This means that the per capita is quite backward in terms of income. Therefore, it would not be right to simulate the model of private education of America in India. Private education is a specialty -Profit and competition on which it is system based. Today it is not so much purchase ability in India that it can immediately accept this system. Therefore, we will try to see the advantages and losses of private education system.

What should be the ideal education system  –

From the point of view of capitalism, the ideal education system is the same, which can give good employees to the industry, the education system of ideal democracy, it sees how the citizens of the country can become ideal in moral terms. If such education is to be created how to earn money and how to feed the family of his home, then this education system cannot be considered ideal. It is important to be in all professional education in how our chosen representatives should go.

In today’s modern era, we give great importance to professional education and should also be given because it is our first duty to secure our economic condition first. But if we cannot take important decisions related to our life only by getting professional education, then there is no benefit of such education system. Not every person in India can appoint any work to do any work, so much does not have his income.

The most patent in the world registers America and China every year. The United States is capitalist system and there is a communist system in China, so if we study both of them, then only we will succeed in building an ideal education system. India’s folk number is the highest after China in the world and the most youth in India, we should see it as property and its value will be determined by good education.

Why is education being privatized in India?

Before 190, there was a socialist model of democracy in India which failed and due to economic crisis on the country, the country had to accept the model of the capitalist democracy. Under which the government’s intervention in the system was to be reduced gradually. Privatization of education is part of the same policy, which we had to accept on the guiding elements of the World Bank and the economic crisis in the country ended.

If we look at the geographical and political attitude, America promotes democracy capitalism because European traders have been very important in becoming America. Therefore, we see that private education institutions like MIT and Harvard have been very successful because the per capita income of America is much higher than India. Government education institutions in India have been unsuccessful because their efficiency of education and teaching teachers were questioned.

Whether it should be the Government of India or the state government, how much should they keep for education, in which education has always been put behind in priority. Corruption is the second biggest problem, due to which the place of education has not increased. The employees who want the market have failed to give India’s education system. In this, the practice of education system has been the biggest failure. Private education system is a strong or the right decision of the policy, it will tell only the time to come.

Education Policy in India & Economical Effect-

The basic objective of education is, the country should get disciplined, moral and literate citizens from education, which can benefit the society. In capitalist democracy, education is the basic objective of education, trained employees can be available for the business manufacturing in the Indian economy. It is a good thing to get India’s industry trained employees, but this is not the only purpose of education. Professions like engineering, doctors and lawyers are needed social and economic system, so what should be education, this policy is made.

After 1990, capitalist economic policies were accepted in Indian democracy and India’s economy was opened to the world. In which it can also be considered a part of education, but for this, it is very important to make people’s ability to gain private education. Without increasing the economic capacity of citizens, it should be considered a wrong policy of education. Only industries will benefit from privatization, but it will be wrong to assume that the economy will be able to.

Given the folk number of India, we have to look at the social status for that we cannot use the economic policy like Europe and America in India. Therefore, the global economic policy will have to accept education policy in view of the geographical and social situation of our country around the world. International education institutions like Harvard and Oxford should be in India but they come to study from all over the world, so those private institutions are successful. In order to do this in India, we have to attract foreign students and the students of the country will also have to provide financial security.

  • How to understand ideal education system
  • Rational educational
  • Amended
  • Consistent with the prevailing market
  • Analysis
  • Easily available for all sections of society
  • Economic accessible education system
  • Fictional

If we compare with developed countries, we spend very little money for education. Our practice and economic markets are not as efficient for companies as they want even after taking a lot of differences in it. Due to politics and social problems, our practice will have to work hard to achieve international places and in future educational institutions like Harvard and Oxford will have to compete with India’s private education institutions.

Only commercial competent education system will build good employees in any country, but it is very important to create rational education system to make good citizens. In this era of information and technology, the one who has modern technology will be successful in gaining economic and political domination. It is necessary to develop education system with this virtue. India’s companies are far behind international companies in the cases of amendment.

Indian companies make themselves experts in using technology installed. Nothing is going to happen with us in terms of technology and patent. For which it is necessary to have a rational education system. Europe achieved revolutionary methods in science, its important reason, the social change in the 14th century, in which the church had to accept both hands of science and give up its supremacy. The rest of the world’s religion lagged behind in this nobility.

Best Education System of the World –

The educational of Europe and America is the most developed in the world’s best education system. America and China register the most patents in the world in the cases of patent registration. The political system of China is not visible in the best education system due to its separation from the political system of America. But the education system which gives successful results is considered successful education.

The education system of Europe and America is greatly developed by India due to the last fifty years of Purani. Talking about India, more and more our last two generations seem to be educated, but in Europe, this tradition is quite old where doctors and lawyers we get to see. Due to the development of this country, the government here spends a lot of money on education. Due to the economic income of the citizens here, they can bear the expenses on education in private educational institutions.

The struggle of majority people in India spends all the money in the primary needs. It will be strong or law to spend in private education system. Private education system in India is still in primary stage and it is going to take a lot of time to build a better education model by building competition in it. Therefore, copying the education model of America and Europe is not as easy.

India’s Government Education System –

India’s education system This was established by Lord Macaulay in British India. Earlier, education meant traditional business education which was given by the elderly people of the family to generation. This education used to determine how to make arrangements for only two days of food. Religion had the right to explain what is right in life and what is wrong. Under which we see that some things were good, then something was bad but no one had the right to ask questions.

It is not that it happens with any one religion, but this problem is seen all over the world. Therefore, the education system that we have developed from England and Europe, which we give to the people learned in the educational institution like Oxford and Harvard, is due to their education system. Even though we see that many people of India oppose the Western education system, but they use their technology in full, in which all things from the Internet to the mobile use things.

After India’s independence, many important education was established in India, in which all the students prepared by the IIM to IIM are representing India abroad. In 190, under the World Bank and international policies, we had to decide to privatize in our system. From government companies to government educational institutions, it has started to be slowly privatized, which is very difficult to make this change in one day.

Importance of education in India’s development  –

India has the highest number of youth in the world today, which we have to use as property. It is necessary for every youth to get a good value in the world’s market through good education. For this, employees and services may be available at low prices for all types of jobs from general education to higher education and this evidence is going to increase in future.

Indian companies like TCS, Infosys are taking advantage of this with great capacity and are giving the most income tax for the country. The more the level of education increases, the more these companies will benefit and their employees will benefit. Another meaning of this is that the country will benefit and more employment will be made in the country. Therefore, it is very important to improve the education system for the concept of India’s economic condition.

It has been publicly stated by Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy that they are not getting the competent employees from India’s education system. This is not the only solution to do personal desire for education. For this, the government will have to keep a policy to earn profit on private education institutions till the competition in the Ankush market increases. Once the competition is created, according to the rules of economics, these institutions will have to improve themselves, which will automatically increase the level of education.

Disadvantages of privatization of education  –

  • The majority society in India cannot spend crores of rupees in medical and other higher education, due to which many students will be deprived of such education due to lack of economic capacity, it is the loss of the country.
  • There will be facilities for economic weak children, but it will be quite decent in front of which the number of such children will be very high, which will not give this benefit to everyone.
  • Those who have money will be able to take expensive education, no matter how weak they are in education.
  • Due to the arrival of foreign education institutions in India, the place of education will definitely increase, but only economic people will be able to take the benefit.
  • In privatization, we get to see a lot of educational institutions, which charge lakhs of rupees, but the place of education is very different.
  • It is difficult to say how capable the staff teaching in a private education institute is because the tankha he gets is very simple so that if he cannot progress himself, what will the students do.
  • The educational institution of India imparts the education of Duyam status. The most important reason is the practice which serves the fictional story to the students in the form of history, which will create logical intelligence.
  • Is the education institute of India ready to compete with the Foreign Education Institute?
  • In addition to ordinary annual fees, private institutions take large quantity of money from students from different mediums, which are very cheap outside.
  • India’s education system is not able to accept the private education system, so changes will have to be done very carefully.

Benefits of privatization of education  –

  • Private education institutions will create competition in the market and people will build choice from which school should take admission.
  • Educational institutions will get the right to decide which practices should be done, which will help in building a topic system.
  • The responsibility of the government will be less to increase the place of education and they will be able to spend money for other important things.
  • In privatization, there is no place for things like corruption and dysfunction and teachers will be updated, which will make the place to teach.
  • Some seats will be kept empty in this education system for economic weak components.
  • Indian students who used to go to study abroad with loans will be able to complete their education in the same educational institutions in India itself.
  • The employees who want the economic market will be successful in imparting this education because the institution that gives this performance will be more admission.
  • India is far behind in research and development, which will see some changes to the education policy of privatization and we will be successful in becoming technology in India too.

Conclusion  –

Educators do important work in the development of any country, in which the top class education system also performs the most important work in having influence on the world. Its biggest example is this. America and China which is the largest economy in the world. The education system which is to run its economic system on other countries is weak. Students from all over the world come to learn in America.

Therefore, his model of personal education is successful in the world, irrespective of the country in Europe, especially England and France and America, he can make his private model of education profitable. Aamir people around the world take admission in such educational institutions by paying maximum fees. It is very difficult to create such education models in India because why students from developed countries like America and England will come to India to take education.

The education facility they are getting in their country would like to take admission in their country. India struggles with more than 40 percent of the people and it is a very difficult thing for education with such people. Therefore, the model of completely American education cannot run in India. It will have to be implemented partly and stringent rules will have to be made till the competition does not increase on these private institutions. In this way, we have given our views on how the Indian model of private education will be like.


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