What is tender & how it works?

Introduction – The tendering process stands as a cornerstone in the realm of public procurement in India, representing a meticulous and structured approach to the acquisition of goods, services, and works by government entities. This formalized procedure is designed to uphold principles of transparency, fair competition, and accountability in the allocation of public resources. From […]

What is impact of foreign policy to Economy?

Introduction – The impact of foreign policy on the economy is a dynamic and intricate relationship that shapes the global economic landscape. Foreign policy decisions made by nations have far-reaching consequences on trade, investment, and overall economic stability. In an era characterized by increasing interconnectivity, nations navigate a complex web of diplomatic relations, trade agreements, […]

What is the freemium model of business?

Introduction – The freemium model of business represents a dynamic and widely adopted strategy in the modern world of commerce and technology. It ingeniously combines the concepts of “free” and “premium” to attract and engage a broad user base while also generating revenue. In this introductory overview, we’ll explore the fundamental principles and characteristics of […]