The income source from Affiliate marketing, Commissions earned by promoting products, services through affiliate links.

What is the income source from Affiliate marketing?

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Introduction –

The income source from Affiliate marketing, Commissions earned by promoting products, services through affiliate links, leads for advertisers. Today’s topic is Affiliate Marketing, I want to say one thing before understanding this topic. The laptop screen, mobile screen, or computer screen in front of you, 80% of the world’s money is in it, that is, online, from this you can guess where the people connected online are connected.

It is the portal of the digital economy and how much money we have to earn depends on our intelligence and labor. As written above WWWWWH of Affiliate Marketing, it means the technology to understand anything well.

  • WHAT
  • WHEN
  • WHY
  • WHO
  • HOW

With this technique, we will understand all the parts of understanding anything in the world. I had written an article on digital marketing earlier, you have to understand that too. Another article related to this was written, what is the Internet, if you read this article, then you will know affiliate marketing completely.

It is not necessary only how to do affiliate marketing, there should not be any problem regarding it in the future, so it is important to understand it well. It is said that half incomplete information is worse than ignorance. So next we will know about Affiliate Marketing in detail.

Use of Internet –

American scientist got the inspiration to create the Internet from Russia’s Sputnik satellite in 1957, that was the period of the Cold War, before that many modifications were happening in America but purely business innovations were happening.

The Internet was used at the government level earlier in the war, today the Internet is used from the commercial level to the personal level. In all professions, in politics, in education, there is no such area in politics where the Internet is not used.

Dot com companies are established on a web site. With the advent of the Internet, the definition of education has changed, such as online classes. Court sessions are conducted online. Online Business, Online Marketing, Now Movies Are Also Showing Online Like Netflix.

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is a platform to sell your product or services. Before the 1990s, there used to be booklets like YELLOW PAGES, which were found in every company or office, in which a huge amount had to be paid to give an advertisement. If no services or products were to be purchased, then the contacts were looked up by name and products: they were also telephone numbers.

Today it has been replaced by digital search engines like Google, Yahoo, and web sites This platform is a platform to sell your products or services. In which computer, mobile, and other electronic medium started being used through search engines. Another difference between digital marketing and formal marketing is that the scope of selling products or services has increased.

 E-Commerce –

This term is considered slightly bigger than e-business because in this the entire economy comes on the platform of the Internet. Government business, stock market, email, tax payment, registrations etc. That’s why this word e-commerce is related to our business. E-business also comes in e-commerce, so this is the broader term for doing business of the internet platform.

E-Business –

The term “e-business” was first used by the IBM company in 1997 when they published in “The Wall Street Journal” they could have trademarked it but they did not, and it became history.

Today this medium will be successful in bringing more and more business to this platform in the coming time. If you explain its meaning in simple language, then “bringing your traditional business on the Internet platform”, this is called electronic business in technical language which gets connected with technology.


The original meaning of the word Affiliate in English is “to be associated with a large organization or organization” and the meaning of marketing is known to everyone, the activity of selling any product or services.

Although affiliate marketing was done even before the advent of computers, the term became popular when William J. Tobin, the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts, had a business of flowers and gifts and brought his product to the Prodigy fund in 1989.

Here the Internet era had just started, many people did not even know what the Internet was, but under the strategy, the new technology of selling became very successful for them.


When – Affiliate Marketing Grew

Started online selling on a pilot basis with IBM and started with 2600 affiliate marketing partners by creating a commercial web site in 1995.

Since then, this word has started being used commercially in the market, he also registered its patent. He got a lot of success on this platform and this was the beginning of Affiliate Marketing, where he placed a commission base representative on this platform.

It is not that affiliate marketing did not work before this, but this word became very famous after the success of this business.

The 90s was the beginning of globalization and the computer age, that is, a platform for digital marketing was being born, William Tobin got a lot of success in the early stages and at the same time a company like Amazon was in its infancy, which made it an instant affiliate marketing.  Adopted and expanded its platform.

Why – Affiliate Marketing Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing search on the Internet grew by 200% from 2015 to 2020.
  • 85% of people in the world search on Google before buying anything.
  • Affiliate marketing accounts for 16% of sales of companies.
  • Affiliate marketing has a good commission rate and can be done work from home.
  • Affiliate marketing in the world is worth $12 billion.

Affiliate marketing used to happen even before the world of Internet and computer, but with the advent of an online platform, the company – Affiliate – and the customer has created this very simple and good platform, which has the potential for growth now and then in the coming times.

Who – Does Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a part of digital marketing and all people associated with digital marketing can become affiliates who are associated with the web site, who have their own group of followers like blog writers, or any content writer who has their own web site and has a lot of traffic. Anyone can become such an affiliate. In return, he gets a commission, according to the different types of plans by the company, there are payment criteria.

Where – To Do Affiliate Marketing

As we have seen how affiliate marketing started above, after coming to the internet, affiliate marketing is done on the internet platform, many options are used for this, social media, blogs etc. and commission is given on the basis of clicks or leads.

How -Works Affiliate Marketing  –

  • Finding a good affiliate platform.
  • Which product or service is to be promoted.
  • Unique link of each offer has to be used.
  • Use these links on your blog, social media, web site.
  • Get commission in return.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing  –

1) Big industry and good future –

Affiliate Marketing This is the most modern method of selling for the coming future, which connects the customers and sellers, affiliates from all over the world through the Internet.

This is a billion-dollar industry, from this the seller also earns a lot of money and the affiliate also earns good money, the customer becomes happy with his purchase, which means it becomes a good business medium.

Talking about India, even today, many people do not know about affiliate marketing, it means that there is a very good future in this field in the coming time.


If we are asked that we want to do business, then the first problem comes, that is that most of the people do not have the capital and they work in compulsion throughout their life. But affiliate marketing is such a business for which you only need internet, electricity and computer or mobile or laptop, you can start your affiliate marketing blog, through social media and earn money.


We are not satisfied with our job even after spending office hours, there is always work pressure and thousands of problems in promotion office politics. But with affiliate marketing, you can earn money sitting at home.

Just take the basic knowledge of how to make a complete setup of affiliate marketing and bring traffic to the blog by writing more good content. If you want to do with social media, then serve such content to the people so that a lot of followers are ready, you can start affiliate marketing from home by making the platform good.


You can also do affiliate marketing by managing your time well by doing your job. The salary of many people is less than the budget of the house, one has to leave the first job to do the second job. Good jobs are not easily available in the market, so by doing this part time, you can increase your income.


Especially for blogger or website, do not do anything special, only the company whose product you are promoting, you have to link it on your blog or web site and the number of leads or clicks will come according to your type. will get a  commission. This marketing model is so simple.

Affiliate Marketing & Legal Issues  –

Being a legal consultant, I would like to advise that before accepting any contract and terms, know it thoroughly and then accept affiliate marketing. There are many platforms of affiliate marketing available, whose terms do not suit you, then approach another company.

Some of the Best Affiliate Programs in India  –

  • Amazon Associates
  • Flip Cart Affiliate Program
  • eBay Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Cuelinks
  • Godaddy Affiliate Program
  • optmise
  • Admitted
  • vcommission
  • Hostinger Affiliate Program


In this way, we will have a lot of information available on the internet for how to do affiliate marketing here, but before starting affiliate marketing, we have to know about it well, later some problems will not be hard. I hope that according to me, I have explained as much as I could explain about Affiliate Marketing to you in simple language. If you want to clear some points, then you can email me.


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