a blog make you money in India earn through ads, affiliates, sponsored content, product sales, and memberships.

How does a blog make you money in India?

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Introduction  –

A blog make you money in India through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products/services, and memberships/subscriptions. The reason for taking the topic about blogging is that we see many confusions around us about blogging. For those who want to earn money online, one of the best ways to make money online is blogging and working through YouTube videos.

Today here we will try to know about blogging in detail, so that the confusion that we see is removed. We can get a good effective medium to earn money and the hobby of writing can also be fulfilled. We will try to know what is the difference between website and blogging and will try to analyze what is the future of blog in the changing era of technology.

There are many people in India who are successful in converting their skills into money in a traditional way. Will try to find out the reasons why many writers are not ready to do blogging. Will try to know what skills are necessary for blogging. In today’s era, how is the level of blog writing in Hindi, we will also try to analyze it.

What is Blogging?  –

Blogging is a platform to write content on which you can write articles on any topic. The difference between writing an article on social media and writing an article on a blog is that only a limited number of people can read the article written on social media, but the article written on the blog can be seen by anyone in the world like a website through the Internet.

For those who can convert their writing skills into money through books, this digital medium is called blogging. Although nowadays you can do blogging through many mediums, but in the early days this concept was started only by this company, hence it is called blogging. In reality, you can start writing by creating your own website, for this you have to buy a domain name, which is a kind of website.

Some famous content of blogging  –

  • Recipe
  • Photography
  • Article writing
  • News
  • Knowledge
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Technical
  • Arts
  • Health tips

Medium of earning money on blog  –

  • Google adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Promotional content
  • Services / Consulting / Training
  • Social media audience
  • Many other mediums

Google’s blogger free service  –

When you buy a domain from a company and create your own web site and start writing, we have to incur many expenses for this. First of all we have to buy domain, after that we have to pay money to some company to store whatever we write on that website. Blogger provides this service to us for free.

The question is, what is the benefit to them by winning in the market, there are services or products for free, in fact they are the most expensive. Making Blogger available for free benefits other products like Google Adsense and Google Ads.

For which the traffic of our blog is the profit of their product. To run the Google search engine, the company needs data, so they do not prepare their own data, but the data of bloggers like us is used for Google search.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?  –

Blogger is a constantly changing platform and the changes that happen in the website are not dynamic like blogger. Blogger is a means of serving people by creating this content, that website is a means of selling or purchasing of their products. The companies providing this service also do the same.

Website This is made to give information to government organizations and other organization’s people. The blog is mainly run on a personal level or by two or three people, but the scope of the web site is very large.

Sometimes it does not need an algorithm like Google, the whole world knows it, it has many websites in the country, in this way the website is run. Blog This is mainly a means of income or a means to reach your skill people.

History of Blogger –

In 2003, Pyara Labs, a company formed in 1999, was bought by Google, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, which originally created the platform. After this, Google made many changes to the blog and gave the facility to the customer, under which he can use Blogspots storage by creating a website.

If seen in today’s era, people writing blogs have got another option like WordPress, but here you have to spend money for hosting other company to store your data. In India, as long as the speed of the Internet was low, that is, till 2017, writing a blog to people, this option was very beneficial, but today many expert bloggers believe that who will read the blog because of this platform on YouTube.

Earn money from blogging?  –

Blog This medium is a news, entertainment, knowledge and information base platform that attracts people to read. The blog on which more people come to read, they earn money by clicking from a company like Google Adsense. Products like affiliate marketing are available for blogs today through which they can earn.

Along with this, there are many other ways through which you can earn by creating a blog. For this, there is no need to invest as much money as you have to invest in the setup of the business. The success of the blog depends on the content of the blog so that you can attract more and more people to read your blog.

Blogging Vs Youtube Channel

Youtube videos are the future of the internet, therefore we can see the growth of Youtuber is more than blogging. But Youtube has very tough competition compare to blogging. The Success rate is difficult in both the field of earning money.We can use both of platform as as Ecosystem for your blog and Youtube Channel.Benefit of blogging is that, there is lots of small questions which is google search user uses to find out and in blogging.

We can make changes regularly as compare to Youtube Channel this facility is not available.We have to make new video if we want to make some updates in our previous videos.In Blogging you have to require very much technical knowledge of coding, but the WordPress like platform makes it very easy by using Plugins to utilized various facilities of blog making.

Therefore College students, Professionals, and anybody can do as a part-time earning platform for Blogging. We have seen the various Niche to make blog as per your interest and knowledge skills. There till now blogging is still most effective online earning money with lots of personal improvement through your blog.

How to run Blog ? –

There are many mediums to reach people to the blog, such as through social media platforms and search engines like Google, you get viewers to read. Through many marketing, you can promote your blog. Many professional bloggers adopt this method to reach people.

Most bloggers, by knowing the algorithm of Google search engine, rank their site on Google and attract people to read their blog, for this you do not need to invest money but it is necessary to have technical knowledge.

Otherwise, technical experts have to be hired which is very expensive. Most of the blogger is a person, so the budget for his blog is not so much, so he wants to save more and more money, blogger option is good for him.

Lack of Good writer on blogging –

It is necessary to have a lot of technical knowledge to do blogging, because hiring technical experts for every small problem is out of the budget of an ordinary blogger. Most of the bloggers we see today are going to have knowledge of technical knowledge.

His scope of writing is limited but he is expert in making blogs, so many of his content ranks. Writers who write good content do not spend as much money for blogs as they write books through the traditional route.

Sometimes the author does not even have basic knowledge about technical knowledge, and one important reason is that good established writers do not come to the blog, they do not accept the change, so good writers are not attracted to write blogs.

Book reading habits –

Today we prefer to watch and listen instead of reading, but the habit of reading develops concentration and restraint in you, which is very important in life. It is our habits that become the reason for our failure, so the habit of reading serves to give purpose to your life and works to increase life.

To be successful in blogging, you need to read and it is necessary to read continuously, only then you can write good content and develop your ideas. This is the best and most effective way to earn money and that too to earn passive income.

What will be the future of blogging  –

Many successful bloggers believe that writing a blog in the coming future will end with time. I believe that with the advent of online platforms, it was said that books will become history, but till date this has not happened. We have to believe that the changes are happening very fast due to technology, but it cannot be said that the blog will be ineffective so soon.

According to my own experience, people doing 9 – 5 jobs, even today while working in their office time, keep three or four windows small and along with work, they keep reading those windows throughout the day. In office hours, these people cannot use mobile or can’t watch YouTube videos. This category of age group from 20 to 60 is going to be a customer of the blog for a long time.

How to make Blog ? –

Although blogs are created through many mediums on the Internet, WordPress is considered to be the most famous and effective medium and if you want to make everything free of cost, then blogger, this Google platform is considered to be very economical head. If you want more features to create a blog, then WordPress, this platform is considered very good.

It is necessary to make amendments to know in which language a blog should be made, but English language is the highest paying medium and you can create a blog in Hindi and regional languages ​​also. If you create a blog on Buggal’s platform, then there is no need to buy hosting to keep the data, but if you want to create a blog on other medium, then you have to buy hosting to save the data.

It is necessary to buy a domain like a website, in the same way, if you want to do professional blogging and want to invest money, then you can start earning money quickly. There are many videos available on YouTube for how all this process is made, you can create a blog using it. You can buy free themes for blogs and professional themes by paying money.

Benefits & Features of Blogging –

  • By writing a blog, you can show your skills in front of people around the world.
  • The investment required for this is very less if compared with the business setup.
  • SEO This through Google, you can reach your blog and website to more and more people at a low cost.
  • Those who have the ability to spend money, they can reach this platform to the people in less time through social media and Google Ads.
  • This is an important platform for many professional people.

Two important mediums available in the market today to write a blog are Google’s Blogger and WordPress.
Website It is used in a limited way on the Internet and blog can be called the best platform for marketing.
Many people earn a lot of money from blogging, just your content should be of benefit to the people.

Conclusion –

In this way, we have seen here what a blog is called and how it can be started. We tried to know what is the difference between a blog and a website. We saw how we can earn money through blog and whether we should use blog in future or not. Blogging requires patience and it takes time to establish, so students pursuing education and any person can do it.

If you search on the internet, you will find that the best way to earn money online is considered to be blogging, which requires a lot of time and revision. Doing business online has become very important since the time of Corona because it gives continuous income. That’s why blogging is the best way to earn money in today’s era.

On this we have tried to know about the future of the blog by telling some things and experiences. Here we will say that along with blog, you can show your news, information and knowledge to the people through video. Many professional people have been successful in reaching their services through blogs and websites.

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