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America’s journey to become a superpower

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Introduction –

If you invent any new thing, it has a lot of value in the market, but to make this invention, you have to face many failures. There are two types of companies in business which create a new business model and make it successful.

The second business model is that which is a market ready business model and develop it to create a success model. There is an important difference between these two that in invention model there is a lot of risk but the profit is very high and in the copy model the risk decreases and the profit also decreases.

Many businesses went bankrupt in America, but later world’s biggest brands emerged, this is called invention model. If you want to develop in any field, then one has to do that thing for the first time and while doing it for the first time, there is a lot of failure.

In America, it is encouraged in such business sector and being bankrupt and failing business is considered a part of business, it is a business culture and because of this business culture, American companies successfully do their business all over the world. .

Our mindset is that we do not want to experiment / amend, just do another amendment and increase our business with that amendment. Scientists do this for any amendment, it is also called First Principal Method.

The most important reason for America’s success is that it works a lot on innovation and is ruling the world economically and politically on the basis of the same information and technology. Today here we will know the complete history of America and find out the reasons for how America became a super power.

History of United States of America –

Although the history of today’s America is not very old like that of China or India, but how America became America is a very interesting story. In the 15th century, the scope of trade in Europe did not remain at the local level, it started happening in other countries, it is not that the people of India and China did not know this trade, but they never paid much attention to it, but the people of Europe understood it very well. taken in a manner

At that time, Asian countries were far ahead of Europe in trade and natural wealth was also much more than Europe, so till that time the growth rate of India and China was more than 50% of the rest of the world, so European countries had to pay a lot of attention to Asian countries. India was particularly attractive, but it was the time of the Crusades, because of this the route connecting Europe and Asia used to pass through Istanbul in Turkey, which European countries were not letting go of.

That’s why the European countries were looking for a substitute for this and by then the world had come to know that the earth is round, so they started looking for another substitute for this route, for this they resorted to the sea route. One of them was Christopher Columbus, who prepared Spain’s Queen Isabella to finance this project, in which Columbus, who set out to discover India, came to know America and America’s journey to become America began.

After that many European traders arrived in America after that they found a lot of natural resource wealth from which British companies made a lot of money and ruled half the world. After ruling America for a long time, in 1776, the rest of the traders revolted against the British rule and became an independent America.

Which was inhabited by people from different countries, in which European, African, Asian, such a multi-culture society was created, in which the original people were also given legal protection later and today’s America was made. America is the only country in the British Alliance. Which did not get a lot of economic benefit from the Second World War, otherwise the economic condition of all other Alliance countries was very bad after the Second World War.

In the Second World War, the war material manufacturing companies of America were greatly benefited from this war, otherwise other countries were greatly affected in this war from political and economic point of view. In this, Germany and its alliance and Britain and their alliance had such a war in which America got involved very late.

Political Success of America –

America did not become the superpower of the world just like that, the people there have worked very hard for that. Before the Second World War, the United Kingdom ie Britain was the biggest power in the world and was also very powerful from the economic point of view. By the end of the second war, the British and their allies won the war, but they had to suffer a lot from the economic point of view, so after the second world war, Britain freed almost all the countries from their rights and made them independent.

America’s entry in the Second World War was late, but in this war, they influenced the whole world with their technical power and America was becoming economically capable, political supremacy started on it and the world’s superpower came to America from Britain. At that time, Russia was emerging under Stalin’s leadership and was competing with America, but high technology and diplomatic strategy took America far ahead of Russia.

The most important role in this was the economy, due to which political supremacy was successful in building America. Beginning of United Nation and end of League of Nations This superpower was the time to shift from one country to another.

Economic & Commerce Strategies of America –

The reason for America’s business culture is that after Columbus reached America, traders from all over Europe came to America to do business, even though the British colony dominated America for a long time, but the working class: originally from Europe and doing business They had learned the skills, so the same culture remained after the independence of America.

Due to the rule of British rule, this language was spoken in English, but those settlers came from different countries of Europe, so their way of speaking English was different from the original English language, which later on, that language made its own identity. Today we say American English.

15th century was the period of an ideological revolution in Europe and those who came under this influence were influenced by the ideas that lived in America as well, this was the reason that the concept of individual freedom, democracy, capitalist democracy spread throughout Europe and America at that time. This independence of America gave a new option of democracy to the whole world. After that, what happened in Europe had its impact in America as well, the most important of which was the Industrial Revolution which changed the way of doing business.

After the second war, the British Empire ended and America’s globalization era started and the world’s biggest big companies were built in America which started affecting the entire economy. America was successful in making the US dollar the main currency of crude oil, due to which it became mandatory for all the countries of the world to keep the US dollar, due to which the economic power started coming to America.

International Companies of America¬† –

America’s JP Morgan, Ford, General Motors, Microsoft, Apple, Google such big companies could be formed in America, its important reason is the policies made for doing business in which failure is considered a part of business.

Experimenting leads to failure but new inventions are found by modification and America has done it the most in comparison to the world, therefore America registers maximum number of patents today, this is a sign of progress in technology.

Free trade and multi-culture culture became the main reason for the development of America. Which attracted every capable, talented person of the world where development gets inspiration. Many countries could not implement this policy and were stuck in the old business structure.

Super Power Competitor of America –

Before the Second World War, the whole world was influenced by the British and almost half of the world was ruled by the British Government, but after the Second World War, America became the superpower of the world. The most important reason for this was his communist model of democracy which became famous all over the world and today we see that many people have adopted this model. In India also this model was adopted in 1990 and all those policies were started. The biggest competitor of America today is China, which will become the world’s largest economy in the coming ten years.

China has done this miracle with its own communist model without using America’s model of democracy. America registers the most patents in the world every year, but after that China has become the country to register the most patents. This proves that China is a competitor of America in today’s era, which can become the superpower of the world in future. Russia tried this since 1970, but it was far behind America in technology and America used Russia in cold war. By defeating it proved that it is the most powerful economy in the world.

Multi Culture Society in America –

Today, what we call metro culture, this culture had come in Britain in the 19th century, where people from all over the world used to see and consider it a dream to go to Britain. If seen today, whoever is rich wants to go to America and many intellectuals of the world are permanent in America because they get more money for their hard work there, therefore a multi-cultural society was created in America, due to which the development gained momentum. .

African, European, Asian people of all origin are American citizens today and the world’s most intelligent class works for the development of America. America accepted this culture in its life since 1776. This was the most important reason for them to become a resource.

Conclusion –

Being a democratic country in 1776, today America is the most experienced democratic country, that’s why all other countries consider America as an ideal model of development. Seeing this progress of America, many countries of the world have accepted the same model of democracy.

Whatever America is today, it has become possible because of the hard work of its citizens and the economic and political strategy of the American government. It is not that there is no poverty, there is no inequality, but everything is seen there. People come to America to fulfill their dreams and cooperate with the development of America along with their own development and become American citizens.

For the last few years, some changes have been made in the rules of citizenship in America, but the most important reason why America has developed today has been important in its development to accept people from outside America.

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