Why China developed faster than India?

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By the 16th century, China and India were half the GDP of the world, due to the large amount of natural wealth and favorable environment, due to this both these countries were very prosperous from other countries of the world, but after the 16th century, cultural revolution started in Europe and education And in relation to freedom, there was an awakening in the society, due to this trade, science developed, this was the period of Europe’s countries started spreading due to trade in the world and started exerting their influence.

The rest of the countries of the world failed to reform their culture and were deprived of science and modern logical education. Due to telling all these things, the struggle which is going on in the world today, which has become a political and economic war to become a super power in Western civilization and Chinese civilization, is the main reason for the increasing proximity of India and America.

Because the enemy of the enemy is a friend, under this strategy America is running with India because its capitalist model of democracy, it is the best model of development in the world, it is promoting such a way, but on the contrary, China’s communist model is the most successful in the world. An economic model is beginning to emerge.

America has been fearing that if this model succeeds and China becomes the most powerful country in the world, then the model of capitalist democracy which is going on in many countries in the world can be shocked, so there is a war between China and America. The situation is similar to what we saw in the first Cold War era in Russia and America after the Second World War.

Even though America was successful, but during the same time China remains out of the Cold War and today it has started emerging on the level of a superpower using America. That’s why we have chosen today’s topic about this country and we will know that the number of failures that China faced in the 18th century gives an idea of ​​their ability to fight.

History of China –

From Qin Shi Huang to the last Qing, 1912, it was a period of monarchy in which China never allowed the outside system to flourish easily. When the British persuaded the kings of India to do business by giving big gifts in the 16th century, the British could not do this work in China and failed, yet they got permission to trade on a small territory of China but directly. Generally not.

Therefore they adopted a strategy and started trading opium in China, due to which about 10 million population of China was in the grip of its intoxication, which led to the Qing Empire and the British Empire War, which is known as the Opium War, many such wars were fought by the British. The company and other European companies fought together in China from 1839 to 1860.

After all, the British and other European countries were successful in doing business in China, yet they had to struggle a lot in controlling the full power like India due to the struggle of China and they limited their focus only to trade in China.

During this time, the Chinese Empire lost many wars and gave it to these European companies in the form of Million of Silver Coins. In today’s currency, it was in Billion of Dollars. After the 1900 century, the situation began to change and the merchant agreements of these European companies gradually began to end and the Communist revolution of Russia had an impact on the whole world.

But it had the most profound effect in China and the monarchy ended and the communist government was established, in which many civil wars started for many years, which later became somewhat stable after Mao’s government was established in China from 1949 to 1976. Mao failed to reach the height of China financially and a lot of his time was spent in handling China’s internal system, yet he tried to improve his relations with America, Russia but he failed due to his ideology being completely opposite.

After that, many rulers were formed, but the communist system did not change which till today is to be a model of development whose many critiques are less logical and more due to ideology.

China’s economy and China’s successful strategy –

After the Industrial Revolution, Europe and America were much more advanced than the rest of the countries in technology and modification. After the Second World War, America had emerged as a super-power and was ruling the world economy on the basis of its technology. The Cold War between Russia and America, the model of capitalist democracy and the Russian communist model, was a conflict of two ideologies.

In which America was afraid that if the influence of Russia fell on other countries, then our model of capitalist democracy would be in danger, so this war lasted till 1990. China at this time did not support Russia in the Cold-War despite of being communist under a strategy and started growing its economy by making relations with America.

As a result, the big companies of that time in technology started increasing their investment in China due to cheap labor in China. This round lasted till 2013, when America could understand this strategy of China, by then China had prepared all the technology of America and Europe in China.

Had invested a lot of money in America, which took a long time for America to understand this. The products which China had made by copying US technology were quite infamous in terms of quality in the initial period, but brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo emerged as international quality brands in today’s era, due to which the American system is completely in China’s strategy. Was stuck

Since 1990, India and China started equally to enter the global economy, but today China’s economy is five times bigger than India and in the coming 10 years it will overtake America. This is the biggest problem of America, so politically a brain war has started between China and America in today’s era, which is aimed at finding control angle on the economy.

Political System of China –

If seen today, the model of governing the capitalist democracy of America is established all over the world and it is considered to be an ideal model which is seen in the Presidential form and Prime Minister form. The important reason for this is the complete control of America’s economy and technology. There has been an impact on the world.

For this, America has been using intelligence, politics for years. On the contrary, China is a communist country which is considered a threat to America’s democracy and which critiques capitalism. Because China is a communist country, so this ideology is promoted and one party system rule runs there. There are some good things and some bad things about a ruling system.

The success of this system is to promote good policies by the honesty of the ruler, which works in the development of the people, then this system is successful, but if the ruler is weak then the whole system fails. If you see today, Xi Jinping is ruling this and the policies that have been implemented or those who were communist rulers before them, who have made and successful such a policy of liberal policy which is useful to China.

If we talk about China suppressing its opponents, then there is no such ruler who does not suppress his opponent. Every ruler uses this strategy to stay in power continuously. America opposes this policy of his and he has always  tried to use all the rebels that are flourishing in China.

Talking about the political relations between India and China, they have always been tense, we just have to think, is America uses us as a tool against China? That’s why we have to keep our political strategy to our advantage. Because the history of using America is very disgusting. Talking about China, if anyone has been successful in thwarting America’s politics till date, it has been only China.

China’s Research and Development Policy R&D Policy of China –

According to the figures of 2017, America spends 543 billion dollars for modification, if you convert it into rupees, then you can imagine why America became a superpower. If China sees the same figure, it spends $378 billion on amendments, this figure has been 2.4% of their budget.

Talking about India, we have been on revision 17.5 billion dollars, this amount of India’s budget is 0. 7% which means less than 1 percent we spend on revision for 2017-18. From this you can imagine how much distance we have to cross to compete with China. The question arises that what happens if so much money is spent on the amendment?

By investing more on modification, one does not have to depend on others and his economy becomes self-sufficient. Just saying self-reliant does not make a difference, what is your priority, it is important that after America, China spends more money on amendments, and this is the reason why it has emerged as the world’s strongest economy in the coming times.

Education Policy of China –

After America, China has made the most investment in research and development, and China spends its students to study western countries from the beginning till today. Especially they send them to study in America, but those people come to China after studying and writing and work for the development of China. Even today, if you search on the Internet, China is giving equal competition to America in patent registration.

The important reason for this is that China spends more money for education in the matter of amendments in it and we get to see its results in the case of China’s technology. Technology has been created.

So that he can compete with America and therefore he spends a lot of money in education on how he can learn from the model of the American education system and come out with good intellectuals. Talking about India, our best educational institutions are run by the money of the government, but the students prepared there are mostly settled in Europe and America.

Due to this the country does not benefit from these intellectuals and developed countries like America, Germany, England take advantage of them. The most important reason for China’s success is that it is very adept at receiving good things, whether it is technology or education system.

After 1990, you will be surprised if you see the evidence of Chinese students getting education abroad. The only reason for this was that he had developed education system to win abroad, learning that he made a model of education in China, for which China invests a lot of money, it can be guessed from their patent registration.

Reasons for China’s Economy Growth –

There are two important reasons for China’s development, one of which is large-scale internal investment and foreign investment, and the second important reason is the increase in mass production, according to the data of the World Bank, China has increased domestic production from 2006 to 2016. Countries like Japan have been left behind.

Due to these two important reasons, Chinese made products have spread all over the world, earlier Chinese products which were considered to be second-class products, today the same Chinese electronic products and mobile products in that too have stifled the nose of companies like Apple, Google. It has been kept in the market of the whole world.

Evidence of Domestic Saving in China This is a 32% share in China’s GDP, from this you can guess that the nature of saving in China has been an important factor in their development.

China’s own Capitalist Model –

China and India decided to be a part of globalization by changing their own economic policy at one time in 1990, but we have to understand how China has made it possible to develop faster than India’s pace of development. Changing its communist model, China gave every state the freedom to do business, according to its own accord and encouraged all the states to compete economically.

Evidence for the economic competitiveness of the states was laid, the growth rate of the states according to which the states were ranked. According to Deng Saoping, keeping the control of the state in the communist system, it is necessary to give administrative benefits if we want to develop, with this policy, the Chinese government gave the states the freedom to use their natural wealth for industrialization.

As of today, there are 636 billionaires in China, which they believe is the beginning of China’s development. In China, we see that the Silicon Valley of America is famous for this technology, in the same way, cities from China have been raised for special products  and services. Today we see that companies like Google, Apple have set up offices and revision centers in China, which China has taken advantage of to improve its technology.

Agricultural Revolution in China –

Mao’s communist revolution has been based on the agricultural sector, but after gaining power from Mao, the agricultural sector suffered the most from his economic policy. After Mao’s death, liberal communist ideology began to operate in China and began to take productive production such as cotton and sugarcane.

Due to the whole economy being based on the agricultural sector at that time, the economy was changed into a decentralized economic system by combining industrialization and agriculture sector, due to which the agricultural sector developed in China and China became the world’s largest producer of cotton in the production.

On the basis of cotton production, China built an industrial system, which encouraged the textile business, which has become an important factor for the development of China’s economy. In order to build the communist system, the people of the lower level of China’s agricultural sector played a very important role, due to which till date China’s economy has been much bigger than Russia.

China Economy and Foreign Policy  –

Deng Saoping completed his higher education abroad, which influenced him, but he was a communist, so he created a new economy for China by combining capitalist and communist model, in which decentralized economy should be built keeping the control of the power of the center Initiative was taken for this. A new economic policy for China was made by studying the economic models of South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia.

The reason for China’s economic development has been that they have worked every policy, according to long-term planning and have successfully proposed it. From the copycat culture to building its own self-sustaining economy, it started making changes in the 1970s. China knew that the whole economy cannot be developed on its own economy because some product has to be imported from outside country, it is a compulsion.

Therefore, instead of only strengthening its security like Russia, China decided to strengthen the economy and, despite being a communist country, stay out of the Cold War and develop the US economy together. By 2050, China will see us as the world’s most powerful economy and powerful security system under this foreign policy.

China Economy & Technology –

In 1970, China started sending its students to Western countries and America for education and later used their advantage for technology and industrialization in the country and started developing the education system accordingly. After starting with the textile industry, Samsung and Sony companies from Japan and South Korea were invited to China as a strategy.

Through which China developed itself in the electronic and the mobile sector, similarly asked companies like Google and Apple to start their production in China, so that international technology brands like Alibaba and Tiktok could be successful in building China in the technology sector. . Starting with copy cat, created own technology brands like Lenovo, Huawei, Oppo.

To control China’s growing economic growth, the US started a law fight, in which China’s largest tech company Huawei was banned for violating Intellectual Property rules. Due to which China invested $ 160 billion in 2012 to improve the technology, which is a big step for countries around the world.

Features of China Economy –

  • China’s economy is the fastest growing economy in the world, growing at an average of 10 percent for the past 30 years.
  • China has achieved this feat without using the American model of capitalist economics.
  • China’s economy is estimated to be US$19 trillion in 2022, which will overtake the US by 2050 and become the world’s largest economy.
  • From agriculture to industrialization, China has become the most important country in the world today in technology.
  • From copycat culture to creating international electronics and technology brands like Lenovo and Saomi, China has been successful.
  • India and China started together in 1990 by changing economic policy, in which India’s economy has been successful in making 3 percent economy.
  • American production such as Apple Mobile and Tesla Motor are made in China and have been successful in attracting the more foreign investment.
  • The world has succeeded in developing its own technology by inviting tech companies like Sony, Samsung and Google to revise in China.
  • Despite being a communist country, China did not participate in the Cold War and has increased China’s economy by taking America along.
  • Baidu has tried to end America’s dominance by establishing its own technology companies like Alibaba we chat and Tiktok.
  • By making the concentrated communist system a mixed system, the states were given free freedom to use their economy and resource resources by giving rights.
  • Every state can develop itself by competing economically with each other, for this criteria were kept on the basis of ranking.
  • By 2022, the world’s largest billionaire after America, ie 626 billionaires, lives in China, which has played an important role in the development of China’s economy.

Critical Analysis of China Economy –

  • After the Second World War, America has seen a lot of exploitation on small countries due to its expansionist ambition, the same ambition is seen by China.
  • China’s economy is growing very fast, but in the case of violation of intellectual rules, America has imposed economic sanctions on important companies of China, the result of which we have got to see.
  • Even though China has invested a lot in technology matters, but even today it has not been able to raise the level of its technology in comparison to American companies.
  • In the case of semiconductors, it is still dependent on Taiwan, which is a very important component in the development of technology.
  • No matter how much China tries to become self-reliant, it cannot become completely self-sufficient because they have to depend on other countries for some raw materials.
  • In view of China’s economic power, America has made a strategy to weaken China like Russia through this quadrature, under which it has started encircling China through India, Japan and Australia, which will result in its economy.
  • Due to being a communist system, many times people have to face the consequences under strict rules like we have seen on Alibaba’s Jakma.
  • We have seen economic inequality and forced labor in China.

Conclusion –

In this way we saw here how China used America to strengthen its own economy. By investing heavily in America, America was forced to depend on China. The one who gives economic assistance also makes political gestures, according to this, China has made its investments in many countries like America does.

In the next ten years, China will become the world’s most powerful economy, so there is an economic war between America and China, under which India is benefiting from America’s support. Just like China saw its advantage in Russia and America conflict, similarly we have to see only our advantage and with which country we have to decide how to keep us related, not America.

It took a long time for America to understand China’s strategy, by then China had become very powerful. Today China has made itself very strong in terms of technology, defense, and political strategy. Only the time to come will tell that what has China done as Russia kneels before America’s intelligence politics?

Russia was at par with the US in terms of technology until Stalin’s power was in power, but after that it lagged behind and finally to the end of the Cold War in 1990, America’s dominance in economic and technology was established over the whole world. Today China is giving competition to America to become a super power, the reason for this is their own technology and their economy, only time will tell who takes this bet.


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