What is YouTube’s business model?

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Introduction –

Money is needed to do business and money is also needed to get education in today’s date. The question is, is the source of knowledge only a degree? The one who gets more defree is richer? The answer is no. You can learn by being a doctor, you can also learn from people…

Our topic today is a company which is known to almost every one of you but most of the people believe that it is a means of entertainment. Very few people know that YouTube is an education university, an ocean of knowledge, there is an answer to your every question, you just need to know how to identify right and wrong.

Do you know that your knowledge is also your capital, which is the means to start your business. In the world, 20% people rule 80% people because of our thinking,,, which thinks like a crowd, we take very few decisions on the basis of logic. Being hardworking means being mentally lazy, smartworking is the virtue of being mentally alert.

The purpose of telling you specifically about YouTube is that YouTube is not just a means of entertainment, it can make you look like a full time job. I will not tell you how to make a channel on YouTube, you will find it on YouTube. I will tell you the logical reasons and some facts that you can earn money on YouTube.

Internet is an important revolution –

After the year 2000, we started hearing the name of Internet, earlier it was used only by companies, to mail in that too, the rest of the features started slowly later. After the arrival of mobile, after the arrival of Android mobile, the face of the Internet itself changed, it was a revolution. I remember in 2006, internet was only a means of entertainment, even though only companies used it, but the company’s staff used to use it for entertainment along with work.

Many search engines looked like dating sites, Facebook was also created from the dating concept. Even today, our point of view of seeing the digital world is entertainment, until we change it, we cannot use it for our benefit.

History of Youtube –

A video was uploaded on YouTube on 23 April 2005 with the title ” Me at zoo” by Javed Karim What was special about this video? This was the first uploaded video on youtube. Millions of people saw it, before that there was internet, but if you want to send a video to someone, it was a very difficult task. To see anything visual, one had to depend on the mainstream media. The main use of the Internet was only for sending mail.

The Internet was rarely used as a web site and search engine. When YouTube also came new, it was considered only as a means of entertainment, but slowly people started understanding its importance and today we see that the answer to your every question is found on YouTube.

The American company Paypal which was closed, which was bought by eBay, where three working boys Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Javed Karim became unemployed, then they founded YouTube from a garage, the purpose was to make a dating site, but a YouTube became successful at a different point.

Got such a good positive response in two-three years, it was a big competitor for a mainstream media which was going to change the trend of media in the coming times. Today YouTube is known in the top five web sites in the search engine. Its customers use YouTube free of charge but its income comes from advertisements. It has become so popular that 500 million videos are viewed on YouTube every day.

Many people do not know that youtuber has become a career which earns crores of rupees on many top youtubers. Talking about India, the top 10 youtubers earn 30 to 50 lakhs a month, this is a multi national job which gives you your income in dollars.

Aquisition of Youtube  by Google –

Seeing the growing success of YouTube, Google bought it in November 2006 for $ 1• 65 billion, in Indian rupees it is worth about 7500 thousand crores. You can imagine today what could be the value of YouTube in the coming times.

Earlier, Google itself tried to make such a web site but it was unsuccessful, this deal was profitable, in the coming time, YouTube achieved a new height. Websites and bloggers before YouTube, this was the future of the Internet, but after the arrival of YouTube, it has shifted and many bloggers are found on YouTube today. YouTube It is considered much simpler than operating a blog.

Features of Youtube –

What is the difference between youtube and mainstream media? Even though the remote of the main media is with the customer, the media decides what to show. The customer has to pay for this. YouTube does not charge the customer, but you can start your own YouTube channel free of cost. You can be a customer as well as a service provider. You decide what to watch.

The main media’s compulsion is that slowly that too is coming on YouTube. The media houses which were considered giants before 2005 are getting dwarfed in front of YouTube today, this is the truth. Niche content This is the biggest feature of YouTube, meaning what the customer wants, he will get on YouTube, which the main media did not show.

Today YouTube has started to replace television. More than 60% of YouTube’s subscribers are in the age group of 12-17, this youth group is connected to YouTube, mobile has been a huge means of going forward for YouTube. The time is not far when you will see more and more live content on YouTube.

Advertisers are also coming on YouTube because of cheap ads and the main thing is that 200 crore people are on the platform of YouTube, this is the biggest thing. In the education field, one YouTube channel means one university, so much is the importance of one channel. The future of education is online education and YouTube will play an important role in this. You can get expensive education very easily on this platform.



Success story of Youtube in India –

Although YouTube started becoming successful in Europe and America from 2005, but YouTube had to wait a while to become truly successful in India because till 2017 internet speed and it was not broadcast at all levels of India, it was with Reliance’s Jio. Started who entered the market through 4G internet and started getting the required speed for YouTube.

This means that the real start of YouTube in India started after 2017 and it became famous so fast that Android mobile and 4G technology gave YouTube a lot of success in India.

How to earn Money on Youtube –

To earn on YouTube, you need to have an email account so that you can open the channel on YouTube. You can earn money on YouTube in many ways by creating content in which you have expertise. You can take ad approval for YouTube by studying what are the rules of YouTube. You can also earn money from affiliate marketing as another income method.

You can also earn on YouTube by applying third promotional ad. For this, there are many channels on YouTube which give you detailed information about it, by following them you can earn money by creating a YouTube channel.

For this, your channel fulfills the criteria mentioned by YouTube and there are viewers to watch your videos.

  • google adsense
  • affiliate marketing
  • promotions


It is the law of nature to move with time, so in coming time from traditional media, we will see film release, live sports, live speeches very easily through internet. As I already told that YouTube gives platform to people as a career. That’s why YouTube has created seminars, training centers in many ways.

Our problem is lack of job and business, this youtube can solve it, we just need to have content and ideas. My aim is not to promote YouTube at all, but you will not find this information in the main stream media, so I am presenting this information here.


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