The Telecom Sector in India comprises companies offering telecommunication services such as mobile, broadband, landline.
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What is the Telecom Sector in India?

Introduction  –

The Telecom Sector in India comprises companies offering telecommunication services such as mobile, broadband, landline and connectivity. There has been a lot of change in the telecom sector in the last 30 years, in which mobiles like Android have eliminated many electronic items from our lives.

In 2017, 4G technology had made a lot of revolutionary changes in India, in which there is a deep connection between the Internet and the mobile network in which this technology does important work. We have seen the era of telephone to pager and button Nokia mobile in the telecom sector where talk time used to be the most important package in which messaging service has been the only feature.

In 2017, we have seen the revolution of Internet and Telecom sector in India through Jio to the general customers, in which the Jio Free Internet Package has made a splash from village to village and brought ground to many established telecom companies. In which only one company survived in the storm of this Jio and that is Bharti Enterprises which is Sunil Mittal’s company which does its business internationally, due to which it has survived till today and is competing with Jio company today.

Reliance Jio had suddenly brought other telecom companies on the ground by investing a lot in 4G technology, the same 5G network technology is not an easy path for Reliance Jio either. Because for 5G technology, currently the business sector customers are available in the Indian market who can buy its expensive tariff plans. The general customer cannot afford this technology at the moment, for this he will have to wait four to five years. Therefore, through this article, we will try to know the importance of 5G technology in India.

What is 5G Technology?  –

  • 1G technology was used in the 1980s through analog voice.
  • 2G Technology In the 1990s CDMA brought this digital voice to the market.
  • 3G technology brought CDMA mobile data to the market for the first time in 2000.
  • 4G technology brought fast Investment service to mobile through mobile broadband in 2010.
    (Source – Qualcomm Technology Company)


“5G” technology This is the 5th generation mobile network, a wireless mobile network technology that can be reached through mobile towers in all areas of the country, which is a very difficult and costly task through optical fiber cables. This technology can be used in the economy from the medical sector to the auto sector and it can deliver information many times faster than 4G technology which can be everything from audio and video to orders.

The auction for 72 Giga Byte spectrum was done by the Government of India on 26 July 2022, in which Reliance, Airtel and Idea-Vodafone are the main companies who are eager to take this spectrum. The same Adani Group will bid for some spectrum purchase for its airport. By the way, this technology is more important for the corporate sector than ordinary customers because Artificial Intelligence is going to be of more importance in it. 5G technology enables it to be used in environments with more capacity than 4G technology.

What is 5G Spectrum Auction?  –

To any the Telecom Sector in India through auction by the Ministry of Telecom on 26 July 2022 about  Spectrum worth Rs 45 lakh crore was auctioned in the first round. In which the major applicants were Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Idea-Vodafone and Adani Group, this auction has gone on in four rounds. The service of 5G technology is likely to start by the end of 2022. The Telecom Ministry is expected to lag behind all the records of the previous spectrum auction in the 5G auction.

Spectrum auction It will be allocated through the 26 GHz frequency band from megahertz to 2300 MHz lower spectrum auction. Spectrum This is the wave of the atmosphere which is used for communication to its full potential. In a democratic country, the government is sovereign, due to which the government has the right over all the natural things from the water and air of its area. Therefore auctioning spectrum means that the Government of India gives license to the Telecom Sector in India to use atmospheric waves.

We have seen the revolution in communication from telephone to android mobile, in which 5G technology is the next phase of mobile technology which will be used more in the corporate sector. Internet facilities are also provided to us through optical fiber cable, but it costs a lot. The use of wireless technology for communication is slightly cheaper than cable internet. Therefore, a developing country like India will see a lot of revolution by using 5G technology and we will see the beginning of a new era through it.

(Source : ANI News Website )

Advantages of 5G Technology –

  • The use of 5G technology will be very important for the corporate sector more than ordinary customers, in which they will be able to use 5G technology effectively for the system within the company through the ecosystem.
  • From the medical sector to the auto sector, 5G technology is going to be used very effectively in all the important industries of India.
  • Artificial intelligence will be an important part of this 5G technology, in which it will be able to use everything from automated vehicles to machine learning technology.
  • After 5G technology, we will see the end of the system of traditional calling mobile charges and we will be able to do video calling to voice calling through the Internet.
  • This technology will be very important for providing wireless internet services in remote areas because for providing cable internet service in remote areas like Ladakh, it will be able to get better service here.
  • With 4G technology, we will be able to use the Internet many times faster, which will be 99.99 percent faster, which earlier had some network problems.
  • After a few days, this service will be available for the customers also at the right price, due to which we will see many electronic things from education to home moving on automation in the future.
  • Limited data limit This concept will end after the arrival of 5G network and there will be no limit on the amount of data we want to use.
  • Problems were created in 4G technology in public places like airports and railway stations when the number of people was more, but in 5G technology there will be no such problem.
  • The problems of video chatting that were created in 4G technology will not be seen in 5G technology because it will be 10 times faster.

Comparative Analysis of 5G Technology and 4G Technology –

  • After the advent of 4G technology, we have seen the use of Android mobiles increasing very rapidly. After the arrival of 5G, we will get to see 10 times faster internet and data usage.
  • In 5G technology, this technology is more capable of using the waves of the environment than 4G, so we will see very little network problems in this technology.
  • In 4G technology, we get such fast internet from 100 Mbps to 150 Mbps, while in 5G technology this speed capacity is 10000 Mbps so fast which is quite high for personal use.
  • In February 2020, Fortune Magazine was tested in many cities of America, in which the speed of 220- 950 megabytes per second was checked for 5G technology, which was shown 10 times more than 4G technology.
  • Through 4G technology, it takes 200 milliseconds for any information to reach from one place to another, whereas through 5G technology this information or live sports match will be seen with only 1 millisecond difference.
  • 5G technology It is not relevant for ordinary customers at the moment, it will be important for corporate companies Same 4G technology brought a big change in the internet sector in India after 2010.
  • Automation and use of less power This is the specialty of 5G technology The same 4G technology It was a revolutionary change for video data.
  • Android mobiles that are used for 4G technology cannot be used for 5G technology, so mobile manufacturing companies will see a new mobile market with 5G technology.
  • Digital money and online education This is what we saw through 4G technology, after 5G technology, we will see driverless vehicles and automated medical operations.
  • We saw the dominance of Reliance Jio and Airtel in the market through 4G telecom licenses, but in 5G technology, we will see this gradually fade away and we will see a different process of spectrum allocation.

Telecom Market of India  –

In the Telecom Sector in India, we have seen the state-owned BSNL, whose telephone number had to be waited for many years and getting a home telephone was a prestige job. Times changed and through Reliance we saw mobile phones sold for Rs.500 which used to go up to Rs.1 lakh. We saw the era from pager to button mobile, where telecom companies had to provide only message service and calling tariff, these two important services.

We saw the era of strong mobile by a company like Nokia, which ended suddenly after the arrival of Android mobile, yet we were yet to see the fast internet which ended many means from television to one stroke and gave the world a new gadget which is the internet  wreaking havoc with. During this time we saw India’s biggest telecom scam which brought a lot of change in this sector. Efforts were being made by the Government of India to make the spectrum allocation process more and more transparent.

Talking about 4G technology, we have not yet been successful in providing internet and mobile services in all areas of India as compared to China and even today 2G network is used in many places. As of 2021, there were 1.6 million stations installed in China and 410 million customers use 5G technology. In December 2022, we are starting the service of 5G technology and we will also see this in the corporate sector in the initial days.

Features of 5G Technology –

  • 5G technology was brought to developed countries only in 2018, 5G auction was done for the first time in India on 26 July 2022, which can start in the market by December 2022.
  • 5G technology It is not relevant to the general customers like 4G technology, it has been seen in the market in India at present looking at the front of the corporate sector.
  • The use of 5G technology will be seen in everything from automated vehicles to the medical field, which run only 1 millisecond behind the normal time, which is generally considered to be very fast.
  • The use of 5G network is going to be very important in congested areas like airports, railway stations, where 99.99 percent of all people will have a good network.
  • In places like IT companies, hospitals, and airports, 5G technology is used as an ecosystem.
  • To use 5G technology, normal customers will have to buy a new mobile in which 5G technology will be available and its tariff will be very expensive at the moment.
  • 5G network will be used to a great extent in the corporate sector and IT companies, which will see its positive results in the work of the company.
  • Optical fiber network has not reached everywhere in the major cities of India, there is still a long time to reach the village, so 5G technology will be very important when it comes to wireless mobile networks.
  • In 4G technology, there were many problems for mobile calls, which in 5G technology, we can easily use applications like WhatsApp for calling.
  • Reliance Jio had made its dominance in the telecom sector through 4G mobile network, but in 5G technology, it can get tough competition from Bharti Airtel and Idea-Vodafone.
  • Indian companies may have to compete in the telecom sector with Elon Musk’s Wireless Sterlink company, which has the feature that it can reach any remote place in India through its Internet satellite.

Critical Analysis of 5G Technology –

Through 5G technology the Telecom Sector in India, radio waves will be more dangerous than other pollution, some social organizations believe that and for this there have been demonstrations around the world. In which it is believed that it will have an effect on the lives of animals and birds ranging from brain cancer, but there are many controversies on which one should be considered the truth, it is left to Buddha by everyone’s conscience. By the way, from the agricultural revolution of man to the industrial revolution and today’s technology revolution, everything has caused the loss of nature, there can be no setback to this truth.

5G Technology This is the most modern invention of man, through which he wants to make the machine like a human and also wants to change the DNA of human through biotechnology. That’s why it is clear that man wants to make a person strong by nature, but there are some things of nature that man is still incomprehensible to this day, but he wants to find it. In the episode in which he wants to settle humans on other planets through technology, so there are some positive issues like 5G technology, while some negative issues are also seen.

The Indian market for 5G technology in India is currently treading a bit cautiously as a technology base sector like IT has not submitted any applications for spectrum if the Adani Group is left out. From this we get to see that India’s industries are not yet fully ready for the use of 5G technology in the corporate sector. Telecom companies are not going to get fast customers like 4G. Right now, telecom companies have to provide their services keeping only the corporate sector in front, so it will be very difficult to use it by buying more spectrum.

Conclusion –

As much as the impact of 4G technology was seen in the Indian market, the impact of 5G technology will not be seen, because the main customer of 4G network was the common people, while the general customer for 5G network it will not be in priority. Through automation, we will see a big revolution in the medical field, in which an expert doctor living abroad will operate on a patient in India. Driverless vehicles will be connected to each other through technology, which will reduce accidents, we will see changes in all such corporate sectors.

OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon will be run more successfully than satellite dish TV and we will see change through automation in many industries. Talking about ordinary customers, in the next 5-10 years, we will see the use of 5G this technology very commonly, in which the use of artificial intelligence through this technology, we will get to see through mobile and other electronic machines. Through this article, we have tried to know what changes will be seen in the telecom sector of 5G technology.

Like today, the Telecom Sector in India is only dominated by companies like Airtel and Jio but in future we will see this spectrum will start being used in industries by itself, which seems like concept like mobile calling will end soon. Just like the good results of 5G technology are seen, similarly bad results will also be seen, due to which the loss of nature and the effect on the lives of animals and birds is seen. This will have a bad effect on the mind of the people by some social organizations and such estimates were made from the 4G network, but some concrete evidence has not been found.



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