The Vanguard Group has 20 million investors in 170 countries in the world, 8 trillion US dollars, through these investors.


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In the Indian stock market, we will find many management funds that give good returns to your money, but today we will try to know about the American management fund Vanguard Group. Vanguard Group has 20 million investors in 170 countries all over the world and about 8 trillion US dollars, through these investors, the company has invested in different funds and successfully with good returns, he has been the world’s leader for the last 40 years. The second most successful management is run as a fund.

The purpose of writing this article is to give the general investor information about the Indian stock market, as well as which are the best management fund companies in the stock market around the world. As BlackRock Company and Vanguard Group these asset management companies are not known to many Indian investors. We will try to know through this article how this company successfully gives such good returns to its investors, for the last 40 years and what is their investment strategy.

While investing in Indian stock market it will always be a plus point to keep us informed about the world’s stock market as relying solely on your investment advisor can be risky in a way. Therefore, we are trying to bring this information in front of you by making a lot of amendments. Through this article, we have been able to provide even 10% new information for you, then we believe that your investment in the stock market will get more security.

Vanguard Group Business Profile  –

  • Company Name – Vanguard Group
  • Industry – Investment Management
  • Company Establishment – 1st May 1975
  • Company Head Office – Pennsylvania – USA
  • Founder – John C Bogle
  • CEO/Chairman – Mortimer J. Buckley
  • Products – Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Brokerage, Asset Management and Advisory Services etc.
  • Total Asset Management Amount – US$ 8.1 trillion (2022)
  • Employees – 18800

Business Model of Vanguard Company  –

Jacques Bogle had established this management fund in 1975, for which he had set some rules in which no one would be the owner of the company. Every investor of the company will be a shareholder of the company, so that the company will have a trust in the market. Vanguard Group has given average returns of more than 7 per cent for the last forty years which is inflation and tax figures. Jack Bogle believed that as the stock market develops, the return on stock investment will decrease.

Hence the company has devised a different investment strategy in index funds and has kept the commission very low as compared to other competing companies. The company has more than 20 million investors in 170 countries around the world, ranging from general investors to large financial institutions. The Vanguard Group has invested approximately $7 trillion in the stock market. Index Fund This concept was first introduced in the stock market through Vanguard Group, which carries very little risk and guarantees average income.

Vanguard Group was first started under Wellington Management Company, but after that, this company created its own separate company, for which this company was started with Jack Bogle and two analyst engineers, which is today with more than 18000 employees all over the world. I am offering my services. Keeping in view the diminishing margins of Index Funds, the company has tried to enhance the services of Investment Advisory which are very cost saving through digital technology. Therefore Vanguard Group This company is one of the largest investment management company in the world, whose investment is almost 3 times more than the economy of India.

History of Vanguard Group –

Before the Vanguard Group, founded in 1975, Jack Bogle was working as the head of Wellington Management Company, but was removed from his position due to the wrong decision of their merger. But while he was part of that company, Vanguard, which is the name of a British historic ship, he started the Vanguard Fund in 1975. For the first few days, this fund did not get success, but after 1980, this fund started becoming very successful. Index fund investment: It was not imagine by anyone at the time that Jack Bogle had first introduced this concept in the stock market.

This fund has become very popular due to the low risk of index fund and this fund has been a significant contributor to the success of Vanguard Group. Jack Bogle remained as the CEO of the company for 70 years of his age, but after that he preferred to take retirement, but he chose to stay on work salary while being in the company’s discipline. He believed that the company’s investor should remain the head of the company and that no individual should have any right over the Vanguard Group.

It is the second largest investment management company in the world after BlackRock Company, whose investment is more than $ 8 trillion, which is 3 times more than the entire economy of India. The first index fund was started under Wellington Management Company, which today is run under the name of Vanguard 500 Index Fund. Jack Bogle started the company with two of his stock market analysts, which took a long time in the initial days for the company to gain momentum. The Vanguard Company today has 180 million investors who invest in the Vanguard Group from 170 countries.

Vanguard Group Founder Jack Bogle –

John Bogle was born in New Jersey on May 8, 1929, and his father lost his wealth in the stock market and was in financial trouble. This shattered the family life of Jack Bogle’s parents and they had to stand financially from a very early age. Jack Bogle, after completing his education in economics, joined the Wellington Management Company in 1951, in which he later rose to the position of chairman, but due to some wrong decisions, he was expelled from the post of chairman. The ouster from the post of chairman of Wellington Management Company led to the creation of the Vanguard Group.

Due to the principles he created in the success of Vanguard Group, people’s confidence in the company was built. It has been the main objective of the company to give good returns to the investor at low cost and low cost, in which his principles have been very important. In the Vanguard Group, instead of keeping the authority of a particular individual, they had created a novel ownership structure through which the investor was also made a shareholder of the company.

He held the position of the head of the company till the age of 70, but instead of taking a salary of billion dollars, he used to take very little salary and half of that he donated to charity. For the first time in a stock market, he started an index fund, which later came to be called Vanguard Index 500 Fund. The company got a lot of success due to his investment principal and even today the company has been successful in giving more returns to its investors than the competitive company like BlackRock. He believed that the investor’s money can be protected only through index funds and can get good returns.

Jack Bogle’s 10 Investment Principles in Stock Market –

  1. “Reversion to mean” Always remember the principle of this investment, in which there are ups and downs but we have to focus on the average return.
  2. “Time is Your Friend” Time is your friend, so start investing in the stock market soon.
  3. Make the right investment by “Buy Right & Hold Tight” and stay firm on your stock irrespective of the ups and downs of the stock market.
  4. The “Have Realistic Expectation” stock investment can aim for a 7% return excluding inflation and principal expenses.
  5. “Forget the needle, buy the haystack” Don’t waste your time buying a particular stock in the stock market, but buy a diversified index fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) with low risk and high returns.
  6. “Minimize the croupier’s take” Invest in funds with low cost and low turnover, which give high returns, thereby reducing the cost of investment.
  7. “There is no escaping Risk” You cannot build wealth without risk. If you do not save money, then nothing will be left in the end, if you do not invest your saved money then that money will end inflation.
  8. “Don’t Fight the Last War” has been successful in the stock market in the past, it means you will never fail in the future. This assumption is wrong, so always stay in the present and stick to your investments.
  9. “The Hedgehog Beats the Fox” is a phrase that means that the hedgehog knows only one big thing and the fox knows many things. The experts who are in the stock market, the experts who are in it, they give you good returns.
  10. Stay the Course” To be successful in the stock market, it is not necessary to choose a good stock or to know the future of any stock, but to make a good investment strategy and stick to it and keep unnecessary risk away from your investment.

Blackrock Company vs Vanguard Group  –

BlackRock Company, founded in 1988 by Larry Fink, all the founders who were over the age of 40 and has grown from a one room office to the largest asset management company in the world. The Vanguard Group  started in 1975 and the company was started through Jack Bogle and two analyst engineers. The biggest factor in the success of BlackRock Company is that its investment advisory services have done more, whereas in the success of Vanguard Group, the investment of index funds and the shareholders of the same company has been the special thing.

Larry Fink decided to live a low profile life by keeping control of the company in his hands, he does not come on much media, while Jack Bogle never tried to control himself in  the Vanguard Group, but as a CEO, he also took very little salary. Were. Larry Fink has not limited the business profile of the company to just one sector, but has worked to provide his expert service in different areas of the stock market. As long as the leadership of the Vanguard Group was in the hands of Jack Bogle, he has tried to follow his strategy according to his principal.

With the new leadership in the Vanguard Group, the situation has changed and the company is focusing more on providing advisory services. Vanguard Group introduced its first index mutual fund in 1976 which was morphed into the Extended Traded Fund. The fees charged for investments were kept very low. With which the company has made its investment fund up to USD 7 trillion in 170 countries today. The Black Company’s business model differs from that of Vanguard, and Company has grown the company’s investment portfolio to US$9.5 billion since 1988.

Features of Vanguard Group –

  • The Vanguard Group, founded in 1975 by Jack Bogle through Wellington Management Company with only two analyst engineers.
  • The first index fund was introduced in the American stock market by the name of Vanguard 500 Index Fund, which later many people imitated and started many index funds.
  • The success of the Vanguard Group Company has mainly been this strategy to sell investment funds at low prices and to make the same investors the shareholders of the company.
  • Vanguard Group Company It today invests about 8 trillion US dollars in 170 countries.
  • The main reason behind the success of Vanguard Group has been the returns from their index funds which have been higher than any other company in the world.
  • The Vanguard Group has grown over the past few decades to offer a diverse portfolio of asset management advisory services not only in index funds but also in index funds.
  • There are about 20 million investors of Vanguard Group worldwide and he is also a shareholder of the company, i.e. Jack Bogle has always kept the company under the dominance of the investor and after him this policy is kept even today.
  • Jack Bogle believed that there is a lot of risk in investing in a particular company, investing in index funds reduces the risk and also gives good returns.
  • Jack Bogle led the company for 70 years as the company’s CEO and while running an $8 trillion company, he worked for a very low salary, half of which he has been donating.
  • Vanguard Group It is one of the largest investment company in the world, whose main competitor is BlackRock of America, whose investment fund is more than 10 trillion US dollars.
  • Looking at Jack Bogle’s personal portfolio, he had invested fifty percent in stocks and 50 percent in bond funds.
  • The secret of success of  the Vanguard Group Investment Charges It was charged less than 0.1% mainly fund manager and asset management companies earn more money and spend more investor services fees, it was broken by Vanguard Group and the investor is the owner of the company. Make.

Indian Stock Market & Vanguard Group  –

  • Major Breakup Investment of Vanguard Group in India
  • Housing & finance – 13%
  • Private sector banks – 13%
  • Media & Entertainment – 9%
  • Power Generation & Distribution – 9%
  • Computer software – 9%

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As of June 2022, Vanguard Group has invested Rs 33,560 crore in 25 stocks in India. Talking about the investment of Vanguard Group, this figure is very less in India, because their total investment is more than 8 trillion US dollars. This means that most of their investment is in the stock market of America, where international companies around the world are more listed. Therefore, if we want to study the business model of Vanguard Group, then we have to be aware of the US stock market.

Talking about India, this stockbroker company is emerging as an asset management company, but when it comes to Indian companies, it is completely dependent on foreign companies for research and development, so that American investors like Vanguard invest more in India. is not attracted to. Companies do not want to invest much money for corruption and modification, so when it comes to technology companies, our companies will have to work hard. There is still a lot of room left for the Indian stock market to grow and also have potential.

In America’s stock market, companies like Apple, Google, have more than a trillion dollar capital market, as much as India’s entire capital market is about 3 trillion US dollars. This gives an idea of ​​how much we have to grow. Our problem is that we want to make ourselves happy by comparing the Pakistani stock market, but to grow always we have to develop by keeping better competition in front. Foreign investment from India’s stock market has been very less for the last few days, which will have to attract Indian companies on the basis of performance more than government policy.

Critical Analysis of Vanguard Group –

The investment of the Vanguard Group Company is 8 trillion US dollars, from which we can guess that it is not even combined with the economy of half the countries of the world, so this company is big. Therefore, there is a lot of criticism about the economic supremacy of the company and the money of the world is attracted to certain people, which encourages economic inequality. The people who invest in Vanguard Group are also the shareholders of this company, that means they are also the owners of this company, which are from the elite class of about 170 countries.

Due to which in a country like India, which is a developing country and the people of the country are uneducated towards democracy, there is a lot of evidence of corruption here. Therefore, such people are more investors in companies like Vanguard Group, due to which the wealth earned from corruption becomes legal. Even in America, there have been allegations of lack of transparency on the company, but due to the strategy of staying away from the company media, such big asset management companies are not known in the society, due to which the common people have to face inflation.

Due to the capitalist political system in America, companies like Vanguard keep on controlling political pressure with the power of their money. That’s why even if the Vanguard Group companies are so powerful, but for this, other countries have to be made to keep the competition fair through regulation. In India, CCI is the regulatory authority for this, which works to end the dominance. But in a country like America, companies are encouraged to grow up, due to which there are many trillion dollar companies.

Conclusion –

In this way we saw how the investment management company of America is so big. The main reason for this is that American companies, mostly work on the international level and America is seen as a world superpower. Barring Europe and America, the investment of Vanguard Group is bigger than the economy of almost half the countries of the world. From this we can guess how big this company is, before investing us in the stock market of India, we need to study the world’s powerful stock market, only then we can be successful. ,

Due to having more money, this company uses technology to understand the economy of the market, which is difficult for ordinary investor companies. Companies like Vanguard Group and BlackRock are consulted by the US government even in difficult times, so is the credibility of these companies. Vanguard Group This company stays far away from the media, due to which even people associated with the stock market do not get to see much information about it.

Vanguard Group We get to see some articles about this company in English, but in Hindi we get to see very little information about it. That is why our aim is to bring the information which is not available in Hindi by amending it in Hindi. Through which we had to do a lot of deep revision to get the information of Vanguard Group. The question arises that how is this information important while investing in the Indian stock market? When the US dollar is strong, its results are visible even in the smallest village of India.


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