How has Jio affected the telecom industry?

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Introduction  –

Mukesh Ambani ji decided to increase Reliance Industries in view of the future technology base business area, for this he had recognized the future of telecommunication business before the separation of the two brothers, but his share in the division of the business was Reliance Petrochemical, Businesses like petroleum, natural gas come into this business, in which there are many ups and downs.

That’s why Mukesh Ambani wanted to come into the telecom and technology business, but as a buoy agreement between the two brothers, he could not come into this business. The matter went to the court and finally he was denied this settlement by the court and the time of settlement was also till 2012.

Therefore, only after 2011, he started working on this ambitious project and under the establishment of Jio platform, by establishing big companies like Jio Mart, Jio Telecom, we will try to see the journey of becoming the largest company in India through this article. In which we will try to give as much information as possible.

Dispute Between Reliance Communication –

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADA GROUP) and Reliance Industries These two groups separated in 2005 and in Anil Ambani’s part Reliance Telecom, Capital, Power came in this important sector, on the other hand Mukesh Ambani’s part was Petroleum, Petrochemical, Natural Gas. area had come. From the beginning, due to his communication skills, Anil Ambani was more busy with the company’s deals and Mukesh Ambani was busy with the business at the grassroots level.

After the separation of the business, this trend changed and both the brothers had to pay attention in all areas for their business. Anil Ambani made a lot of headlines in the initial days due to this aggressive nature and on the other hand Mukesh Ambani focused in increasing his business peacefully. Anil Ambani went bankrupt in business, while on the other hand Mukesh Ambani went on to grow his business.

Reliance Jio Platforms This company was started in the telecom sector of Mukesh Ambani and to enter the technology sector in 2019, before that he had started Jio Telecom and it was making a splash in the market and competing with its competitors. was ending. In which companies like Idea, Vodafone, Reliance Communication, Docomo Uninor were ended.

Establishment of Reliance Jio Platforms  –

Reliance Jio Platforms This company is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, which was established in 2019 and it remains the third largest company in the stock market in terms of capital of India after Tata Group and HDFC Bank. Well-known company Reliance Telecom was made a subsidiary of Jio Platform and online and technology base companies like Jio Mart were kept under it.

To establish Reliance Jio Telecom Company, Mukesh Ambani ji had invested 2.5 lakh crore rupees, which was not even by adding the proposed telecom companies of that time. In the initial days of 2016, internet data was given free for the first four months keeping this main product and customers were increased. Under this strategy for a long time, Reliance Jio eliminated the rest of the competitors from the market.

For which Google, Facebook companies were invested to free them from debt and the company was kept free from debt. Mainly Eco System of Jio Platform This was created under the strategy of the famous Apple company, in which projects like Jio Mart, Jio Fiber and Jio Saavn were kept.

Purpose of Reliance Jio Platform –

On October 2019, Reliance Industries established Reliance Jio Platforms for digital business with the main objective of entering the company in the telecom, online business and technology sectors. For this, she was very weak in the technology field, for this she started working on some projects with companies like Facebook and Google.

Due to the open economy it is very difficult to compete with technology base companies but when it comes to profits, there is a lot of volatility in the traditional oil and gas business of Reliance Industries, due to the fluctuation of US dollar, their business is affected a lot.

So he decided to enter the technology and telecom sector and rocked the market in 2016 through Reliance Jio Telecom. A company like Amazon has to compete in retail business through Reliance Mart, but their powerful points are the power of their network, which will benefit them and through Facebook and Google they can compete with Amazon in future in the retail business through Facebook and Google. Is.

Eco System of Jio Platform  –

Steve Jobs used this eco-system technology to make Apple successful, and this was his most successful reason for branding. After buying Apple’s mobile, you have to use that product and once you get used to it, it is very difficult to use other mobile except that. This was the reason that the Apple company was so successful that it was the reason for attracting the customer to the entry point and keeping him as the customer till the end.

Entry Point: From the purchase of Jio SIM card through the Reliance Jio platform to providing its different services to the customer, this ecosystem benefits you.
Retain: The entry point is the most important in the ecosystem where Jio has gained crores of customers by giving free data to its customers in the initial days. The second important point is to keep those customers with them commentators, for which they give free services at low cost or free services of different platforms of Reliance Jio.
Upsell: The third important point is that the customer is constantly connected with you through different service from you again and again. For which he becomes accustomed to your service and it is better to stay connected with your service than to take other options.
Realizing its importance, the Airtel company saved itself from bankruptcy and saved its proposed old business from the earthquake of Jio Telecom. Only Reliance has a more powerful quality than Airtel in this segment, it is other platforms like Jio Mart which can make its ecosystem powerful.
Jio Telecom Business Strategy / Reliance Jio Business Strategies –

Infotel was a small company that had bid for wireless Internet spectrum prior to 2007, with no other established companies showing any interest at that time. The day this company got this spectrum, Reliance Industries bought this company on the same day and later on this spectrum was given permission for voice calling by the government.

The subject of this purchase of Infotel was controversial later as the proposed competing companies blamed the government for this, but this was the beginning of Reliance Jio Telecom which went ahead and focused more on data service by thinking differently from the then proposed business of voice calling. Which at that time was very expensive and very bad service was given.

In America, Walmart used to destroy the small business with the power of its capital and later established its dominance in the market, under this strategy, the company through Reliance Jio made many times more money than the established companies 4G technology and free data. Through this, he captured the market and in a few days made companies like Idea, Vodafone bankrupt and made himself the number one company of the market.

Success of Jio Telecom  –

Before 2016, buying a SIM of any company was a very complicated process, which was first changed by Reliance Jio and started selling SIM card through only one Aadhar card. 6 – 8 sim card on one Aadhar card very easily started the company at that time and the most important reason for this was that a large number of customers were buying it, that was four months free data because of this facility it beat the rest of the companies.

Airtel, Idea This Indian company was the most powerful company in the telecom sector, to beat which Jio invested 2.5 thousand crores to improve the Internet and the rest of the companies were running their telecom market on voice calling and messages. Jio started the telecom sector by buying Infotel which had data internet spectrum.

Jio company provided free data facility to its customers for the first four months which was again extended for three months and on 1st April 2017, they kept their customers engaged under the Prime customer facility. In this, companies like Docomo, Uninor, and Idea and Vodafone had to be united, which did not help. Even after Idea and Vodafone united, this company is on the verge of bankruptcy today, under such an effective strategy, Jio has established itself in the market.

Business War with Airtel

In the Corona time of 2019, the economic system was completely shut down and this was the period where the big telecom business was over and some were on the verge of bankruptcy. Online education and work from home gave a new lease of life to the telecom industry, in which Airtel tried to revive itself from the debt situation.

Vodafone and Idea merged to handle each other, but due to lack of some foolish strategy, they are not emerging even today, in the meantime Kumar Mangalam has threatened the government to resign from the head of the company, or do something concrete. Take a decision, be warned, this can give you an idea of ​​the condition of this company.

Airtel has succeeded in raising itself after Kovid and Jio’s free magic is now coming off the heads of the people, which Airtel has tried to take advantage of. In today’s date, Airtel has the maximum number of customers and Airtel has been successful in keeping them continuously with them through the Eco system. In the coming times, cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai using 5G technology have indicated that we are ready to compete with Jio.

Jio Mart  –

Jio Mart This is a very important project of Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance Industries, in which the world’s largest company Amazon is the main competitor in front of him. In terms of technology and capital, the Amazon company is much bigger than Jio Mart, but the main reason for the success of Jio Market is its established network in India, which is a headache for the Amazon company.

This business model of Amazon company is the reason of opposition for small traders, while Jio Mart has made a different strategy for its retail business. Due to which he wants to make his retail business model successful by keeping small traders alive, for which it seems that he will get support in India.

The most important thing is that Jio Mart has prepared for this by taking Facebook and Google company together to compete with Amazon company. Jio Mart knows that that technology cannot compete with Amazon so easily, so it seems that this strategy will prove to be very effective.

Jio Mobile Application  –

Reliance Jio wants to create its own ecosystem in the technology and telecom sector through Jio Platforms in India, so they have created many platforms of their own. One of them is Jio mobile application, which is a very important technology area in today’s era of Android mobile, but in terms of technology and modification, the company will still have to do a lot of work.

Through Jio LYF, Jio company has tried to bring Android mobile and that too in very cheap mobile market but they have failed in this. The main reason for this is that foreign companies are far ahead of Indian companies in technology at present, this is understandable.

Some important applications of Reliance Jio

  • My Jio
  • Jio TV ( Live Streaming App.)
  • Jio cinema
  • Jio Saavn ( Music Streaming App.)
  • Jio Chat
  • Jio Meet ( Video conferencing App.)
  • Jio Store
  • Jio Pages ( Web browser)
  • Jio switch ( File sharing App)
  • Jio News
  • Jio Home (Mobile Remote control for Jio settop box)
  • Jio Gate (Apartment security App)
  • Jio Cloud (Cloud storage services)
  • Jio Security
  • Jio Health Hub
  • Jio Gameslite

Critical Analysis of Jio Platform  –

  • Jio Platforms company will have to work hard to compete in India with international companies in terms of modification and technology.
  • Jio’s telecom project has eliminated many big companies from the market, which will result in establishing its dominance in this sector which is against the interest of the customers.
  • For the first two years to enter the telecom sector, the company had to face heavy losses, which resulted in debt creation on the company, for which Google and Facebook had to sell their stake.
  • Elon Musk has started his work of providing internet through satellite in India, if he is successful then all the previous hard work of Jio platform can end in a day.
  • Buying the Infotel company, it was an intelligence strategy, under which that company was established and that spectrum was bought and later changes were made by the government which benefited Jio, such allegations were made on the company.
  • Airtel has been able to penetrate the influence of Jio in the beginning and today Airtel has been successful in harassing Jio through the maximum number of customers.

Investors of Jio Platform –


Investment %

Reliance Industries


Meta Platform (Facebook)






Vista Equity Partners


Public Investment fund


SLP Redwood


Mubadala Investment Co.


General Atlantic Singapore


Abhudabi Investment Authority




Conclusion –

In this way, we have tried to know about Jio Platforms, the subsidiary company of Reliance Industries, what has been their success strategy, which we have tried to study here. We have seen how they have established their Jio Platforms company through the Eco system. Jio Platforms has become the third company with the highest market capitalization in the stock market after Tata Group and HDFC Bank.

At the time of bringing Reliance Jio’s data plan in the market, all the experts had speculated that Reliance Jio might get caught in it in future, but the company sold some of its stake to international companies like Facebook and Google to free itself from debt. Jio has been successful in clearing the debt.

By changing the market of voice calling and messages offered through Jio Telecom, the company has made a big contribution in changing the world of Internet in India. Due to which the digital market has increased in India and this makes it easier for the international technology companies of the world to establish their business in India, the most prominent companies are Facebook, YouTube and other online companies who want to increase their business. Hey.


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