Financial intelligence means becoming expert in economic dealings and taking the right decisions at the right time,


Introduction  –

Being intelligent and being successful in life financially are two different things. If success is achieved without failure, then that success is very risky. To be successful financially, it is not necessary to have knowledge of the whole world, only it is necessary to know the rules of how to earn money.

Many times in the world we have seen intellectual people struggling financially, so many times the question comes that why does this happen? The reason for writing this topic is to be intelligent in our financial sector, many times this question was also my question that how does it happen that an intelligent person struggles for money? And on the other hand the average person is successful financially.

We will try to know about this here that what are the reasons that in order to be successful from the financial point of view, there have to be some different characteristics, which are not in every intellectual person, we will see this.

What is Financial Intelligence ?-

When we see books or interviews about successful people, it is seen that even they do not know the exact reason why they became successful. There are some such habits in them which become the formula of success and their mind set gives good support to their work. That’s why writers who write books on successful people know very well what is the secret of their success.

Financial intelligence means becoming expert in economic dealings and taking the right decisions at the right time, which leads to financial success, whether it is business or any important decision, which brings economic benefits and is in the form of money and property. The more difficult it is to earn this money and wealth, the more difficult it is to maintain it continuously. This is called financial intelligence, for which we do not have to have all the knowledge of the world.

To become A wealth and Rich, it is necessary to be financially intelligent, for example, if it is Henry Ford and Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Industries, it was not a well-known intellectual of the world, but he knew very well how to earn money.

Financial Intelligence Education –

Many times this question comes to us that why some very less educated people and some educated people are successful from financial point of view, most of the people are seen struggling for money in life. The important reason for this is that how to get a good job in our education system, this is taught from childhood. By getting a good job, we become financially secure and if we get a government job in that too, then the problem of our old age ends, this notion has been completely established in the society and everyone follows it.

That’s why we learn from childhood that education is for getting a good job. Talking about India, due to this more population and irrelevant education system, all the graduates who come out are not suitable for the market and if they are not financially successful in the initial days, then most of the educated people are compulsorily able to take up any job. and live their life on average.

Because of explaining these things, this education system does not teach us how to be financially capable in life, and the people in the society who explain how to be financially successful are few or no people. That’s why we follow the beliefs that are there in the society from the economic point of view, in which we live with many types of assumptions like saving, not taking too much risk, having a secure job, working for money.

Financial Intelligence & Financial IQ –

American businessman Robert Keiosky wrote a book called “Increase Your Financial IQ” in which he explains what is economic / financial intelligence and what is economic IQ. We have heard many times about “IQ -Intelligence Quotient”, which is considered a method of measuring the ability of intelligence in mathematical numbers, which shows the intelligence capacity of a human being.

The author explains in this book about the method of measuring economic intelligence in this book, from which money is earned. The IQ of intelligence is shown by its financial success and not by its formal education, so the author tells about four types of financial IQ in this book, which you must read.

  • Making more money
  • Protecting your Money
  • Budgeting your money
  • Leverage of Money
  • Financial Information

The IQ of economic intelligence is measured by these five qualities, people who pay attention to these important things become financially successful in their life. These people are considered economically intelligent, which is not taught in any school in the world, because the capitalist system has influence on the curriculum in all the schools of the world and they want the employees as they want, to make the government that kind of education system. It is a reality which we need to understand.

Hard work & smart work  –

We have been taught that we should work hard to get success, but in reality, if the objective is wrong, then no matter how hard you work, you cannot succeed. For success, we should do smart work with the right purpose and right time, whatever we do Doesn’t tell Those who become financially literate early in their life, those people are successful in life, on the other hand, those people who develop the culture of business from childhood and generation after generation, they know how to become financially successful on their own.

To be successful it is necessary to have knowledge, but it is also important to be fearless, so that whatever you have planned, you have to implement it in order to implement it directly. To be financially successful, you must have this quality, otherwise why don’t the executives of a big company make their own company when they are so intelligent and capable of running the company.

Most of the people in the world believe in hard work, it is believed that using intelligence is the most difficult task in the world, so most people do not want to use it. Only 5% of the people use their intelligence to their full potential in the world, the rest of the people use intelligence means hard work, that’s why most people like to do hard physical work.

Difference between Money & Wealth –

To become financially intelligent, you have to understand the difference between money and wealth, otherwise most people want to earn more and more money throughout life, the inflation that keeps them hollow and in our last life we ​​spend life longing for money. Is. People who earn money are slaves of money and those who have wealth, money is their slave. Those who understand this math, instead of running after money, they pay attention to how to build wealth.

It is believed that more than any violent incident, people are afraid throughout their life that how our old age will be financially. Because in today’s era, the facility of getting pension is negligible and if any pension is needed in old age, then first money has to be added every month for it. Talking about India, everyone does not have any money left after his basic things so that he can make wealth.

That’s why this difference between money and wealth is the first CD to make you financially successful, which was first presented to the world by the famous Italian philosopher Alfredo Pareto. It is not that no one knew about this before, but certain sections of the society knew this thing which we know as business secret.Because for those who understand this, money works for life and those who do not understand it, they keep working for money all their life.

Taxes & Inflation –

Most people do not have property and consider money as that property, but to know this, we have to explain the difference between an artificial person and a real person. Because most of the money of common people goes to pay taxes and inflation. Those who understand these two things and do not find ways to avoid them, till then your hard earned money will go away like this.

Financially intelligent people never buy any property in their name, they buy it in the name of their company, so it is very important for us to understand what is a legal entity. Legally, when a legal entity becomes insolvent, there is a separate provision for it and there is a separate provision for the individual, it is known to very few people. Most of the business in India is run on a small scale in which this benefit is not available.

And the government makes provisions for a lot of incentives for capitalism in the tax system, whose benefit we get from the tax system, if we buy any property in the name of a legal entity. The same is true of inflation, where we cannot fight inflation personally, we can defeat it with the protection of legal entities. This means that such laws are made in globalization and capitalism, which benefit the business and not the individual, so we have to understand this math.

Capitalism & Financial Intelligence –

Before 1990, we did not have to pay money to buy everything, just like the people living in the village did not need much money because many things were available in the village through exchange which is called barter. As capitalism was established all over the world, it was established in India after 1990, due to which we started needing to pay money for everything and in this way it became difficult for us to do any work without money.

We have to change the method of our economic planning, because even today there is a perception in the society that there will be a secure job, there will be pension in old age. It is not our job to do business, it takes a lot of money, our job should be to get a good government job, if it is not available then we should do a job in a good private company. We have to change this mindset and understand this economy afresh.

The same way to earn money will no longer work, you will be longing for money throughout your life, in today’s era no job is considered safe. Therefore, many means of earning money will have to be created. To know how to plan money financially, we have to learn how to convert the right information into knowledge so that we can add money to money and create wealth. We have to understand what is property in reality, because many times we think of our purchased house as property, but the true meaning of property is “Property which gives you continuous income, it is considered as property.

Developing your Financial Genius –

We spend lakhs of rupees for formal education but do not spend money for financial intelligence, we have to change this tradition. In today’s era in developed countries, good jobs are easily available, but no one wants to do business. Talking about India, good job is not available, so most of the people do small scale business, but it does not help them in building wealth.

In this era of information and technology, every information is easily available to us, but we have to identify the right information, which will have to be used for our economic development. Economic intelligence is not readily available in the society, but it is very easy to find it so that it should be possible to read books and get information through internet.

Nicola Testla, who gave many scientific amendments to the world, died struggling financially in his life, till today there has never been a wise person like him in human history. Who does not know Karl Marx, but he was seen struggling financially throughout his life.From this we get to learn that how intelligent you are is a different matter and to know how successful you are financially, we need another level of intelligence which is not taught to us in any school. So we have to learn and apply the criteria of economic intelligence given above.

Conclusion –

In this way we have seen here that formal education does not teach us how to be financially successful, we have to take another education in life to learn that which is called financial intelligence. Which is not taught in any university in the world. To start early for financial planning in your life and to make more and more financial information available, this is the formula to be financially successful.

Many people in the world do not understand how to earn money, we know this, but many countries fail to run their economic system. By which we get to know how difficult it is to earn money. In reality, it is necessary to have the right knowledge for this. For this, what should be your social group or friend family, it is very important.

There is a belief in the society that to earn money one has to take risk, but it is not true that to earn money it is necessary to have the right knowledge, which reduces the risk completely. So to earn money, we have to change our old rules. The most important thing is to understand the compound effect, the method by which you can build wealth. Time has to be given for financial intelligence so that we do not have to struggle financially in life and there is no fear of struggling financially in old age.


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