The Evolution of Mobile technology evolved from basic cell phone to smartphones with features like internet access, apps, AI.

What is the Evolution of Mobile Technology?

Introduction –

The Evolution of Mobile technology evolved from basic cell phones to smartphones with advanced features like internet access, apps, and AI. Between 1995-2000, we used to have PCO booths as the means of communication and very few people had telephones at home. Companies started using pagers for employees in offices, which earlier only showed telephone numbers, then we had to understand that we had to call in the office. After that in the pager came pagers with messages, which were the subject of great curiosity at that time, they used to get eight-ten thousand rupees at that time.

This was the era of cable TV or earlier video cassette rental VCR used to watch many movies. This was the time when mobile was making a splash in foreign countries, but due to lack of facilities like internet or smart phone like today, anything used to come in western countries took five to ten years to come in the market of India.  Here we will see the journey from the luxury brand calling mobile phone to today’s smartphone which had the camera, watch, the post office,  television, the radio, the bank services & many mores comings too. There are many innumerable things, we started using it through smart phones and it has become an inseparable part of our life.

Every person in our house started needing his own smart phone, it was to the extent that we had to buy the children their own smartphone. When the whole country was closed due to Pandemic- COVID situation and schools were also closed then for online education.  We have to buy Smart phone which was the cheapest means from computer, due to which online class of children started. We will know many such things in detail that how this mobile changed the world and man.

Interesting history of mobile phone Technology –

In the 90’s, there was used to be an English TV series Star Trek, in which its characters used to talk with a mobile-like object which looked like a modern mobile. The people of 70’s – 80’s born peoples are familiar to this situation. The facility did not come at that time, so it used to take five or ten years for any technology to reach India at that time.

Under the Government of India’s open economic policy of 1990, the doors were opened for foreign companies to enter the Indian market. Companies like Motor roller and Nokia were very successful in the early days. Talking about India’s market, Nokia made a splash in the early stages. Yet this was not the era of the Internet, these mobiles were only for calling and messaging.

The patent for the first mobile phone was registered in the United States in 1908, which at that time was called a wireless telephone. We cannot call the mobile that was in the early stages, it was a transmission radio that used to connect two places for communication. On March 3, 1973, the Motor roller company produced the first truly wireless mobile phone, which was much heavier than today’s handsets. At that time it was a luxury item for the empty rich, which could only be used in the car, after which changes were made from time to time.

Revolution of Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS  –

As long as mobile phones were used for calling and sending messages, everything was going well for the Nokia company, especially in India.  About 70% of the market was kept by Nokia. Good battery backup, strong handset, and no maintenance were the hallmarks of their mobile to be successful in India. The Price range was Rs. 3000 and above were given but calling charges was vary high.

Android Mobile It came in the market to change all this, whose founder was a computer engineer and was going to lay the foundation of today’s modern smartphone. Microsoft was the established brand in the computer sector at that time and wanted to establish its footing in the mobile sector. Nokia’s competing companies at that time had taken this change and started using the Android system on their mobiles.

In the early days, this application was kept free by Google, so many companies started changing it very fast. But Nokia had become such a big company that it did not want to be part of the crowd, so it went to Microsoft, which made the operating system for Nokia. But here the operating system of Google and Apple had completely changed the world and the sale of Nokia was slowly falling. Apple had maintained its own distinct customer segment which used luxury brands, on the other hand, all the companies in the market switched themselves to the Android system.

Evolution in Mobile Phones Technology –

Computer Revolution, Internet Revolution, and Smart Phone Revolution This technology was the most important event for the world, which combined information and technology and brought the world to a different position, in which many facilities you started getting in one item.

The most interesting thing about India’s market was that the customer who used to use computer earlier in the western countries started using mobile. The market of India is so big that the system that any mobile company has to make to sell mobiles in other fifty countries, that cost can get that much sale from only one market in India.

That’s why many companies focus on India. With many features like color display, camera phone, double sim card facility, battery in mobile phones, the mobile has changed and it has started to be named as smartphone, which means many things are available in one item.

Monetization of India 2016 & Importance of Smartphones  –

The Government of India canceled the old five hundred and thousand notes and brought new five hundred and two thousand notes in the market. You must have guessed what connection it had with the mobile world. This was the first initiative of a government to shift towards digital currency, which gave a signal in the market that in the coming times, the entire economy should be revived and brought on the Internet platform.

How ready India was for this, only time will tell, but after that, the transactions of online money started with mobile phones and companies like Google Pay, PayTM, Phonepay entered the market through mobile apps in the market. The online platform shopping, services, or online education, many apps started coming in the market.

With this mobile banking this product emerged very fast from 2016. Online banking was there before but it was used at a very low level. After 2016 most of the transactions started happening through banks and in that also through mobile banking applications.

Online Education & Mobile Phones –

In the Pandemic of 2019, the whole world was closed and schools are also closed, due to which the number of online education increased and we had to buy smart phones for children who had computers or laptops in their house, they had no problem but in whose house it was anything. buying a mobile was a good option and if you have two children, then every family had to buy at least one more new Android mobile at this time.

Many education apps have come in mobile, in this moments too many gaming applications are creating panic in the market. That’s why online education has become the future medium of education, which we got to see in the pandemic times. Youtube platform all of a sudden used by the peoples after 2016 internet revolution in India. Now today even though the schools are open and education started in schools. But the mobile and education is combination of study technique used by most of the students.

Jio’s 4G Internet Revolution for Mobile  –

On 5th September 2016, Jio entered the market with its free internet pack as a mobile service provider. Which entered the market of 4G internet services, before using mobile in the market of India, more people use it only for calling and messages. Used to do and internet products were very expensive before this and its speed was also not special.

After the arrival of Jio, mobile internet services reached every household in India and in the true sense, the smartphone we are seeing today started from 2016. Earlier we were connected to the world through computer through cable internet. After 2016, this era changed and mediums like YouTube shocked the TV and theater sector and forced them to come to the Internet platform. Jio ended the big service providers of the market with its 5G plan and what was left had to compete with Jio together.

Mobile phone companies of India  –

Indian companies like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn or LYF are in the mobile market, but in India’s top best selling brand, four Chinese companies are selling their brands successfully in India. Because of this, the Indian companies that make this mobile, most of the companies have their own production setup. Most of these companies assemble the mobiles by bringing all the material from a country like China and sells it under its brand name.

China’s mobile company, having its own production setup and technology, was able to sell its mobile in India market at affordable price and its service is also good and updates are always coming. Due to the lack of such a setup of research and development of India’s companies, it is not able to compete with the Chinese mobile company. China mobile manufacturing success main reason is there large scale production, which reduce the cost of production.

China’s Xiaomi product has emerged as the largest mobile brand with 30% market share, followed by brands like Oppo, Vivo, Redmi have dominated the mobile market in India. Low price, good quality, technology, giving all these features in one mobile is a very difficult task for another company, so only Samsung in the top five company, this South Korean company is competing with China.

Computer Technology  & Mobile Phones Technology  –

There is only a slight difference between a smartphone and a computer, which you cannot do on mobile. Because of this, the screen of mobile and computer some other facilities which you do not get on mobile. Nevertheless, today we see that the winning movement did not happen in the society due to the arrival of computers, many times more movement was caused by the arrival of mobile phones.

You do not get the winning facilities on a computer or laptop as much as you get in a mobile phone. You can use the smartphone anywhere, this facility is not available to the computer, it has a complete setup which is fixed at home or in the office.

You can take the laptop anywhere, but mobile is a better option in terms of portability. In terms of price, mobiles are much cheaper than laptops and computers, so people using computers and laptops will find very few in India. But many crore people using mobiles will be found in India.

Conclusion –

In this way, we saw how mobile phones changed over time, we also saw how it affected the society. Today we can say that mobile has acquired an important place in our life and since waking up in the morning till before we go to sleep, we cannot do our work without seeing the mobile.

Psychologists call it a mental illness due to excessive use of mobile, but still mobile has become a smart phone for us to answer every problem. This article will get many before me, but we have seen how technology changes in some different and simple language. We saw dominance in technology in the early stages by western countries, but in today’s era, it seems that China has chewed millions of grams in information and technology.

That’s why I have written in detail about the economy of China in my previous article. As a strategy, China has assimilated Western technology and is leaving its influence on the world today. Today’s topic is mobile and its development, in this we saw in detail how the changes took place and also saw how these changes took place in India. I hope that I try to write each topic in a different way, which will be understood by all types of readers.



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