How 2023 Recession Impacts on the Global Economy?

Introduction – The Globalization and the Capitalist democratical system of the ruling state is still not perfect model, the Covid-19 pendamic hamper the world earlier economically very badly. The Russia Ukran war, Covid-19 pendamic, Geopolitical disputes between developed countries and developing countries is the another reason of 2023 recession.As per the World Bank report on […]

What is Peter Lynch’s strategy of investing?

Introduction – In India most of the investors are financial institutions and big corporate funds, but the small investor ratio is very small compared to UNITED STATE OF AMERICA’s stock market. Till the 1990’s Indian stock market known to very few people of India and it was totally unknown world for the majority of the […]

What is the business model of Amazon?

Introduction – The business model of Amazon revolves the e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, AI, emphasizing customer convenience & satisfaction. AMAZON company is the world’s biggest retail online platform for the people, started from an online book selling company to great retail market online store. Now entering into various tech businesses where now they are the […]

How do I get a Promotion at work?

Introduction – To get a promotion at work, demonstrate exceptional performance, take on additional responsibilities, seek feedback, and proper communication. Artificial Intelligence It is going to be competitive for any future job, a person who is more efficient than a human. Today our topic is how to develop ourselves in our job, in which financial […]